Thursday, October 30, 2008

Book Friends

This post has been formulating in my mind for a while, but I think I'm finally ready to put it out there. A couple days ago I got an e-mail from my husband asking if I would put together a book list for someone at his work. There are a few people in my life who ask me to do this for them (and I don't mind doing it at all) but this is the first time someone I have never met has asked me to do it.

At work recommending books is what I do. I get caught up in other things, other projects but at the end of the day my job title is simple: bookseller. Every now and then I feel a sense of pride because I am good at what I do. I can recommend a book successfully to most people and sometimes those same people come back and ask me if I have another recommendation for them. And before too long a customer becomes a little bit more than a customer. I wouldn't classify them as a friend but they hover somewhere in between friend and customer. Perhaps they are their own category: book friends.

It makes me feel like I'm doing something right when someone comes in the door and says, "Oh, I love what you recommend. What should I read next?" I don't have what people may classify as an amazing job. I don't save lives, I don't win important cases in court, I don't run a business or anything else that people may think is worthy. But I do get to see people at both good and bad times and I get to recommend books to help them through the bad times, or to help the good times last.

Every now and then it's good for me to be jolted out of complacency and remember why I work at a bookstore and why I love it. I can't describe how fulfilling it is but lately I've been having days where I am reminded over and over again that right now this is what I am supposed to be doing and I am good at it. I am socially awkward in many, many ways but I can always connect with people over books. Always.


  1. What a good blog! Really sounds like YOU. By the way, if you are ever bored you could put together a list for me. It would be interesting to see what you would pick.

  2. I can put a list together for you but I need to know what you read last that you liked.

  3. I can put a list together for you but I need to know what you read last that you liked.


thank you!


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