Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Pretty Sure I Killed It

I was driving home today thinking about everything but driving when WHAM a bird smacked into my windshield. This is the second time in the past 3 months I've done this. The last bird I think I killed. It hit my windshield and then bounced onto the roof of the car and then in my rear view mirror I saw it fly away. Either that or it was "flying" off the car in a death spiral, but it's impossible to know for sure. This one I KNOW I killed. I screamed, but managed not to swerve or brake, which I think is pretty impressive. Then I looked up at where the bird hit and saw a big bloody mark on my windshield. Yeah, that's right. I hit a bird so hard (I was going at least 55 mph) it left a bloody streak on my windshield. It took a few seconds before I could pull myself together enough to clean off the windshield. All the while I was still driving and trying not to tailgate the slow, slow, slow person in front of me.

I still can't get that huge THUD out of my head - it's going to haunt my dreams tonight. And the truly awful thing is that I can't tell my husband because I always give him a hard time for swerving around birds. Whenever he's driving and goes into the other lane to miss a bird I scoff and say "They'll get out of your way." But here's what he knows that I can't seem to get through my head - They don't always get out of the way!!

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