Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Sad Month

I disappeared for a while there. This is going to be a short post to say I am ready to start writing again. January is a notoriously bad month for me. I get in a funk and I stay in a funk for most of the month. What's funny is every January I wonder why I'm in such a bad mood all the time and why I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep. Year, to year, I conveniently forget how dreadful January is for me.

We did go on a vacation this January which helped me wallow a bit less. The reason for my sad month is something I am going to keep to myself for now. For me January is a time for reflection, a time for remembrance and a time for sadness. Now I have wiped away all my pathetic tears and I am ready for 2009. And I am ready to stop typing January.

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