Friday, June 19, 2009

A short break

This past weekend Jonathan and I headed for the Cave Junction / Grants pass area to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. I've spent a lot of time over the past couple weeks reflecting on where we were a year ago and being very, very glad that 2008 is behind us. We had a great weekend away. We stayed up at the Chateau at the Oregon Caves which was serene and provided some much needed rest for both of us. We went on a couple hikes, toured the Oregon caves, toured a nearby tree house bed and breakfast (it was as weird as it sounds) and took a jet boat ride up the Rogue River.

The economy in Southern Oregon seems to be a lot worse than it is up here. We saw people walking, hitchhiking and sitting on the side of the road asking for money everywhere we went. I have to admit, Jonathan and I have not really been affected by the poor economy. We both have fairly stable jobs, we have a bit in savings, we've bought a house and a car recently and we are quite comfortable. It was a bit jarring to see so many people who were obviously destitute. On the other hand, it made me appreciate what we have all the more. Jonathan and I have been blessed many times over and it is all too easy to forget that.

As soon as we got back from our mini-vacation, it was like we had never been gone. Someone vandalized the stop sign at the end of our road while we were away, we had a fight the day we arrived home, and when we went to the store someone scraped up the new car and drove away without leaving a note. My work week has been insane, and Jonathan's hasn't been much calmer. We haven't even been back for a week and we're both running to and fro, busy, busy, busy with little time for each other.

This year I am determined to do less running and more sitting and talking. It was so strange to feel like we needed a weekend to catch up and see how the other person was doing. Life is busy, but it's also short and I'm going to try to relax a bit and be a better person (and wife) this year. We'll see how it goes ...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Switch

The day before Jonathan left for Washington I switched my thyroid medication. Oh, wow. I probably shouldn't have done that while I was living alone. I've been hanging out in the zombie zone for the past few days. I may call my doctor tomorrow because I am exhausted, sick and quite loopy.

I sleep for 9 hours, but can barely get up in the morning. I keep slurring my words at work (sorry to the new hire I am training right now!) and I cannot seem to put my thoughts in order. And now, tonight, I've started throwing up. Once I hit the throwing up, or weeping stage, that is it. It's time to call the doctor and make sure he knows what the heck he's doing.

Chances are, he does. It's just a nasty time when you mess with body chemicals and hormones. I've been on the same medication for so long I forgot how unpleasant it was to feel this way.

And I'm so irritated and I don't think before I speak. Maybe I should've taken a week off work before doing this. I knew it was going to be a big change, but it's worse than I thought it would be. I went from a 5 mg once a day really strong dose to a weak sauce drug that requires me to take 50 mg twice a day. BUT, it will cross the placenta a bit less when (if) I get pregnant, so it's worth it.

On the up side, our 3 year anniversary is today. Jonathan flies in from Washington at 11:15 tonight so we won't celebrate until this weekend. We're going to take a little trip and it's going to be wonderful to catch up.

I need to get the dog settled and head off to the airport. I HATE going to the airport; hopefully I can stay awake on the drive up!

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Ah-Ha Moment

A few days ago Jonathan and I were arguing about whether this is the right time for us to buy a dishwasher. We would have to use a bit of savings to do it because we are putting most of our money in our savings account right now in a desperate attempt to spend less. I was dead set against dipping into our savings, while Jonathan thought it was fine because we've been planning on purchasing a dishwasher since we moved into the house and the one we wanted was on sale. As our discussion escalated Jonathan tossed out a brilliant tidbit: "Our savings exists so we can buy things!" Now, this may not seem like a shocking statement to most people, but for me it was a huge Ah-Ha! moment.

When we first got married we had no money. Heck, we had less than no money. Jonathan's parents paid most of our rent and we went over to their house for dinner a lot. It was a very lean, very scary time for us. Now that we are more financially secure I am paranoid of regressing back to that time in our lives. And as a kid I remember my dad losing his job multiple times. We never wanted for anything, but I remember one particularly tough year when my parents went through a good portion of their savings. Now that I have some control over what we earn, save, spend etc. I am desperate to have enough money in the bank just in case something happens. Here's the problem with that theory: you never know how much just in case might cost you.

This weekend I finally figured out why we have 2 savings accounts. One for the majority of our savings, one for things we may want to buy, like a new car for Jonathan, a dishwasher, lawn furniture, and on and on and on. I can't believe it took me this long to figure out that I don't have to freak out every time we buy something. Now, don't get me wrong, I like buying lots of small things like clothes, books and things for the house. However, when that figure creeps over $300.00 I start to sweat. I know $300.00 is not a lot of money but that is my base line freak out number and I'm pretty sure I can't change that.

Fortunately, I can change how I react when Jonathan asks if now is the time to buy a dishwasher. Turns out, it's not. Someday though I will have my little 18 inch dish cleaning wonder. And when that day comes I will remain calm and hand over the money.


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