Friday, July 30, 2010

Be Well

I'm at 40+ followers. Wow. Way back in 2008 when I started this blog I would write every so often and I don't think anyone read it. Now I write nearly every day and quite a few people are reading. Thank you. I'm here, grieving and living my life, and I am so glad you all are listening.

Today was appointment #2 with Dr. B. I like her a lot. She greeted me with a hug and "I am so excited to see you!" Dr. B and my midwives have spoiled me. This is the kind of medical care I expect now; personal and kind with lots of hugs and encouragement.

Dr. B was very proud of me for doing Aquafit. If you give me praise, or a cookie, I will do something I hate doing. I never thought I would be the type of person who exercises. Now I'm walking four days a week, doing Aquafit once a week, and lifting my 5 lb. weights twice a week. All Dr. B has to say is "I'm so proud of you. That's a great step!" and I continue on despite the little monster in my head who will not stop whining about how hard this all is.

I was very excited to show Dr. B that I am tremor free (first time in six years!) and she was so pleased she removed the PTU from the list completely. No more weaning, no dropping to 1/2 pill a day. As of today I am medication free. It's making me a little giddy.

I went from two little pills a day to this:

It is so worth it. I'm learning new skills too. See that little bag of herbs? I can make my own tea now!

Dr. B and I talked about my breathing issues a bit too. She said they are fixable. I nearly fell off my chair. I haven't been able to run for years. Can she possibly make everything better? I am beginning to suspect she may be some sort of genie.

When I explained my breathing problems to Dr. B she told me that according to Chinese medicine we carry our grief in our lungs. That makes sense to me. There have been so many moments since Charlotte died when I have felt unable to breathe, or take a deep breath. So first we are going to get the thyroid into shape and then the lungs.

It feels good to be proactive about my health. I have many emotional issues tied in with my thyroid problems. I hope with Dr. B's help I can unpack the issues, take a bit of weight off my lungs, and be well.

Extra love and hugs to those sad mamas who are finding it hard to breathe today. We all miss our babies so much and some days we feel the loss more acutely than others.


  1. i, too, would do anything for a cookie! LOL

    i'm so glad you've got a great doctor looking out for you, and that you are making progress with your health!

  2. Dr. B sounds wonderful! I'm glad you have a caring, wonderful Dr.

    You are doing great things to improve your health, and that is awesome! I'm proud of you for doing the Aquafit, walking, and lifting weights.

    Very awesome!

  3. Glad you're being pampered by your doctor. Having such mindful caregivers can really aid in the healing. Yay for cookies!

  4. After Karissa died, someone mentioned in the Praxis class that she'd been a part of that when you're sad, you sigh a lot to relieve stress. I noticed that I was sighing a lot. Ever since then I find myself sighing often whenever I'm low about something. Have you been sighing much since Charlotte died? I totally buy into what Dr. B said about carrying grief in our lungs.

    That's quite the herbal cocktail but I'm glad you can take that instead of your meds. I'm also glad you didn't get a "community crier" this time. :)

  5. i, too, would do anything for a cookie! LOL

    i'm so glad you've got a great doctor looking out for you, and that you are making progress with your health!


thank you!


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