Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two Months

Can you believe it, Charlotte? Two months without you. I feel like I've lived ten years of sorrow, but it's only been eight weeks. You are forever loved and forever missed. Every moment of every day I think of your beautiful face and your short, lovely life.

I finally received my memorial necklace! I picked out what I wanted, but it's from all of your grandparents. We are still waiting on your daddy's ring. I love having a reminder of you I can carry with me.

The front is your hand and foot print along with an emerald for your birth stone. Both of the charms have your name and date of birth on the back.

Someday I would like to find a chest I can put everything in. For now you have these three memorial boxes. One from the hospital, one from the church we attended in McMinnville, and one from your Aunt Christina.

Your sweet hand and foot prints.

You had so much hair baby girl. It was long enough that it curled up just a bit at the sides. And you had eyebrows! I've seen a lot of babies that look eyebrow-less, but I could definitely see yours.

Here is your birth announcement/memorial card. We sent this to everyone. Close family, the chiropractor, work friends, and anyone who sent us a card in the mail. We are so proud of you and wanted to share your sweet face with the world.

Your grandmother, Sasa, and I picked out these flowers today. They are going to go next to our Charlotte rose. Once we receive your memorial stone I will get your corner of the garden all set up.

The Charlotte rose Sasa and Granddad picked out. They have one in their garden and your other grandparents have one in theirs too.

I love this outfit. People warned me you may not fit in newborn clothes because you could be too small or too big. I packed this in your bag just in case you were big. It was a 3 month outfit. I think it would've been a while before you grew into it.

This bracelet was made for us by Jessi's mom. Jessi is a good friend and you share a birthday with her.

From Aunt Emily and Uncle Ryan. We have lots of toys and stuffed animals I don't associate with you, but for some reason I always imagined this little guy as your favorite.

From Aunt Christina, Uncle Scott, and your cousin Ryan. Family members filled this box your Uncle Scott made with letters to you.

From Patricia. Before I had any pictures of you I had this. I carried it from room to room right after you died. My picture of it doesn't do it justice. This lavender was blooming outside the birth center on the morning you were born.


From Tina. This picture was in her house for a long time, but soon after you died she brought it to me.

I had so many books to read to you. That was one of the first things I wanted to do with you when we got home. You, me, the rocker and a pile of books. I knew you would probably sleep through those first few months of reading, but I still couldn't wait to start. Remember how I used to read passages of books out loud to you simply because I loved them so much and no one else was home for me to share them with? I have read these two books over and over since you died.

I am working on a photo album of my pregnancy pictures. Every last picture, even the not so attractive ones of Mama. I want to remember all of the happy times we had when you were alive.

Three days after you died this little darling showed up in the front yard.

You will always be my little bird.



  1. Wow, your necklaces are beautiful. Where are those from?

    I am in tears, looking at all these pictures. She was and is so, so loved.

    Thinking of you today.


  2. Love you Ang. The necklaces are beautiful. Thanks for sharing her things with us. You have a beautiful collection of Charlotte keepsakes.

  3. Kristin: We found out about them from our funeral home. They are called Thumbies. It's amazing what they can put the hand and foot prints on. Here is the web site:

  4. The necklaces are beautiful, as are all of the lovely things you had prepared for dear's obvious how much she is loved! I too loved the book On the Night You Were Born...I read it at our daughters funeral as I felt the words were so fitting.

  5. Love all the memories. And when I saw a picture of the book "On the Night You were Born" - I had to comment. I found that book after my daughter died. I bought in memory of her. It is such a beautiful book!

  6. What beautiful memories you have of Charlotte. I love that you sent out birth announcements, I wish I'd thought to do that. And your necklace is gorgeous.

  7. Love all the memories. And when I saw a picture of the book "On the Night You were Born" - I had to comment. I found that book after my daughter died. I bought in memory of her. It is such a beautiful book!


thank you!


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