Friday, July 29, 2011

33 week appointment & a picnic

My good friend and I share a midwife.  She is 19 weeks pregnant with her third and happened to have an appointment at the birth center at 10 this morning. Mine was scheduled for 11 so she played with her little ones in the living room/waiting area while I had my appointment and then we headed outside for a picnic (the birth center sits on 4 or so acres).  We settled ourselves under a tree and watched the resident rooster and one of the chickens wander around the garden while we ate.  It was a pleasant way to pass an hour.  I wouldn't mind if all appointments ended with a picnic in the shade with a bit of a breeze blowing.

Whew, look at all those freckles.  J actually pointed out my freckles a couple weeks ago, said he didn't think he had ever seen them so dark.

I just have to take a moment before updating on Bennett to say this: I have been so blessed by the friends I have made here.  When we first moved to Salem I was so lonely and thought I might never have close friends who lived in the same town, and now I have THREE friends who are like family to me.  All three of these friendships really grew and developed after Charlotte died (actually, I didn't even meet one of these girls until after Charlotte's death) and I love them for being there, for showing up, for sticking with me even when they didn't know what to say.  

I'm sorry, I'm gushing.  I'm blaming the hormones. 

And now for the Bennett update.  The little babe is doing fabulously, growing and being active and doing all he is supposed to.  It was good to see my midwife as she had two weeks off so I couldn't (okay, wouldn't) call her last week after my appointment with the MFM.  I had a lot to talk to her about and as usual she infused me with calm and I left feeling better about things in general (although there is a part of my brain that is constantly panicking about birth and how much time we have left that even she can't shut off).

I've gained 23 or 24 pounds so I think a 30 pound overall gain is still likely.  I'm measuring at 33 weeks, Bennett is definitely engaged - oh my is that boy low - and my midwife said he has long legs.  His daddy and I are shorties, but there are some tall folks in both our families so maybe he'll be taller than us someday. 

It's been two hours since lunch and I am starving, which means it's second lunch time.  I cannot believe how much I eat, and yet I'm only 1.8lbs heavier right now than I was when I delivered Charlotte.  OH - speaking of that, look at this picture I came across on my camera today: 

It's a little blurry because I'm in labor and moving around, but look at that tiny belly!  I am much bigger this time around and I hope that means I am growing a big healthy baby.


  1. That photo is lovely, you are glowing! (and freckles can get darker during pregnancy.)
    The picnic sounds lovely.x

  2. You look fabulous!!! Glad all is well.


thank you!


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