Saturday, July 9, 2011

7.9.11 pt 2

I apologize for two posts in one day, but there is a great picture of Isabel at the bottom if you make it through this one.  I thought I would toss this out tonight as Rhiannon's comment from earlier got me to thinking (good grammar, yes?).  I am SO tired.  I do believe I am reaching the point in this pregnancy where I may have to admit there are some things I can't do.

Isabel, my dear Pookerton, Porker, Isa-Pook partially ripped the pad off her front left paw when we went to the river this afternoon.  We have preformed first aid on this dog multiple times, but never while I am pregnant.  We had a sad afternoon and she is now curled up on the floor with a bandaged foot, an old sock of J's over the top of the bandage to prevent her from licking it and a sad demeanor that we have been trying to assuage with food (hey, it works for us).

BUT, what I really sat down to write about is freezer meals.  On my last post Rhiannon asked what meals I would freeze if J wasn't on a gluten free diet. Here's a quick run down:

Chili: I don't like it, but J does and I often make a big batch and freeze portions for him.  Sometimes I make so much he gets tired of it.  When we put the new fridge in a couple weeks ago I discovered two portions of chili from before Charlotte was born shoved at the back of the old freezer.
Lasagna: I make big pans, bake them and then divide into portions since the two of us don't need a whole lasagna.
Chicken pot pie: I make the filling, freeze it, and make sure to stock up on pre-baked pie crusts because there's no way I'm making pie crust - I just don't have the skills.
Chicken Noodle Soup: I'll be honest, I have a love/hate, hit/miss relationship with soup.  It's supposed to be easy, right?
Spaghetti Meat Sauce: I made a HUGE batch of this a few weeks before Charlotte's birth and then divided it into meal sized portions, which lasted us a good long while.
Chicken Tetrazzini: We tire of this easily so when I make it I often serve half, freeze half.
Homemade Macaroni and Cheese: Easy to make, one of my favorites to mix up and freeze.  I often add spinach and broccoli.
Teriyaki Marinade: Mix it up, toss in some chicken, freeze enough for two.  Add veggies and brown rice for a quick stir fry meal.  

Yes, I made all of this before Charlotte was born.  Yes, I think I may have been insane.  It was so nice to have though, especially when J would come home from work exhausted to a wife who couldn't fathom cooking or eating.  It was easy to open the freezer and pull out two portions of something for dinner.  Even though I didn't eat most evenings at least J had something for dinner and lunch the following day.

Now most of these I could make gluten free, it would just take some effort and a whole lot of gluten free pasta, which has been hit and miss around here.  Also, it's expensive.  I may end up making a few things I can eat and a few he can eat. I am loving lasagna this pregnancy so we've already had a few lasagna/chili nights around here.

Anyone have good recipe suggestions/freezer meal ideas?  I don't know if I will get around to making anything, but a little inspiration might get me started.

It's just after 6:00.  I can't believe I've posted two blogs, read 250 pages, taken Isabel for a swim, which involved a mile walk in the heat of the day, assisted with puppy first aid, and helped J move paving stones.  I think I need less free time on my hands.  I definitely need to start sleeping past 5:30 or 6:00 am.

I'll leave you with a picture of my poor puppy.  Notice the paw over the stick, the ball by her back leg.  She really wants to play, but she can't even walk.  We need to buy a pack of cheap kids' socks, they fit her foot better and make it a little easier for her to walk.  We know this because this is round three (or four?) of absolutely unqualified at home vet care.


  1. your dog is so cute. My Dog always cuts his paw in the winter on ice. So I have bought the toddlers socks for and they work great...

  2. Poor Isabel. I just love you sweet doggie...even if you do growl at me when I come to get your momma. :)

    I haven't used any of them, but Crystal who writes is an avid freezer cooker and lists her recipes here and often chronicles her freezer cooking days and afternoons. She makes me want to do it myself, but then I remember I HATE cooking and usually screw things up even with a recipe and I come to my senses. But really I should do this, too. I'm sure my kids are getting tired of boxed mac and cheese...oy :) xoxo

  3. I am about to get to the "it's time to start freezing stuff" stage myself too! What do you use for your Chicken Pot Pie filling?

    Hope you have a quieter day today!


  4. Poor pup! I hope her paw recovers quickly! Thanks for the meal ideas...we'll see if I can find the motivation. I am starting to feel the fatigue setting in, too.

  5. Poor pup! I hope her paw recovers quickly! Thanks for the meal ideas...we'll see if I can find the motivation. I am starting to feel the fatigue setting in, too.


thank you!


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