Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading, commenting, hand holding, answering questions.  It's amazing that I can type out a quick blog post about baby clothes and you all inform me that there are chemicals on them (ewww) so it's probably best to wash at least a few, but really it's not necessary to wash them all before he comes home (hopefully).  And of course there are all of the times I've come here to write about my sweet girl.  You all have been so kind in helping me remember her short life.

I'm just over 400 posts now (!) and while I did blog before she died I had few readers and posted rarely.  Most of those 400 ramblings have come since she died and I appreciate everyone who reads here - whether you comment or not.

In the past I've read blogs where the writer solicits questions from readers and then answers them in a subsequent post.  I've always enjoyed reading those posts, but have hesitated to write one because I don't know if there's anything about me I haven't shared here.

But now that I've hit this random milestone of 400 posts I thought I would ask if there is anything you all want to know about me that I haven't shared ... ?

I've also begun the process of trying to decide where I want this blog to go next.  It will change some, (but not until after Bennett is born) but I'm still working out how much.  I am trying to decide if I can blog about life in general here and her - always her - without disrupting her sacred, set apart space in my heart and life.

I've been sleeping little, thinking a lot and I wanted to take a moment to thank those of you reading here.

Comment with questions if you've got them.  And if I don't receive any perhaps I should stop over sharing ...


  1. Re: the clothes, I'm washing them and storing them by size. So, I washed and put away the 0-3 months stuff and when he's bigger, I'll take out those and wash and put away the 3-6 months stuff. He only has two drawers anyways so I can't do it all at once and no point. If you wash the bigger stuff now it will just get dusty anyway!
    Re: blogging about Bennett. It's tough because you want Charlotte to have her own space but their lives are so intertwined. There is no Caleb without Blaine. I just made my blog a mixed bag about all of my kids. I lost some readers but oh well, I have to be honest. And a lot of the emotion and anxiety I feel with my kids comes from having lost one so I have to talk about them.

  2. How often do you think yourself into a tizzy?

    When I think about my Xavier, and TTC again, sometimes I get get panicky about delivery, blood pressure, more death etc. etc.

    Does it happen to you? at 29 weeks you are close and I assume you would think back to your one and only birth experience, what do you do to help yourself get into a better headspace?

  3. No questions off the top of my head, but as for changing the blog, again that is totally up to you. I decided to keep Tuesday's Hope and blog about Angus there, as I saw fit. As you might have noticed, I rarely blog much myself these days, but even though that is Hope's sacred space, they are both my children and the way I parent Angus is very tied up in the loss of Hope. For me, it felt right to keep the same blog. Others start a new one.
    You do what feels right to you. I can't wait to read about Bennett.

  4. I no longer blog since my son's death (also my first), but I do keep separate journals for my three children. When I want to spend quality time with that child, I write them a little update, a love note, a poem, a thought about their life and how it has - and is - affecting mine. the entries may be fewer for each, but they are still specific to each. I have two in the sky and one here on earth.

    If you'd like a writing challenge, maybe you could create a short story in the third person. Just a thought. :)

  5. You have a beautiful heart Angela and don't stop "over sharing" as you call it! It is part of what makes your blog so wonderful.

    Hmm question... Well I know that you love to read and last I remember you work part time.

    So what do you do with your free time and what is (or a few) of your favorite books?


thank you!


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