Monday, December 12, 2011


Sweet Bennett boy had his second round of vaccines today.  We split his two month shots up, half at his two month visit, half today, and removed two entirely because they didn't seem necessary/we want to postpone them.  Since it was a quick visit for shots only we did not see our doctor, we were in and out in ten minutes.  I love Bennett's doctor, but have only had one good nurse in the three months we've been taking him in.  What do I do about that? Most of the nurses act like they hate their jobs.  If you work in a pediatrician's office I want smiles, and you best tell me my baby is the cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on.  I'm sorry you have to say it thirty times a day, it's your job.

Bennett is OUT.  He's been asleep for two hours now.  I hate vaccines, I don't like to see my baby passed out like he's been on a holiday bender.  I know it's better he have one or two bad days instead of a terrible illness, but I can't stand the face he makes when hurting.

While the nurse was out of the room preparing the vaccines I popped Bennett on the scale really fast.  He is 11 lbs 8 oz with a onesie and wet diaper.  I thought he would be creeping up towards 12 lbs, but he's not quite there yet.  I have a small baby, yes?  It does make it easy to haul him around though.

I stayed up way too late last night watching "Once Upon a Time."  Anyone else loving this slightly overacted show?  I'm going to curl up with Bennett, watch another episode or two, hope he doesn't wake with a fever.  He didn't have a fever with his first round of vaccines, and he wasn't very fussy either, but we may not be as lucky this time.


  1. Which vaccines did you opt out on? We go for our two month shots on Friday and I haven't quite decided on what we're going to take/not take.

  2. We declined Hep B in the hospital and have continued to do so. At two months Bennett got DTaP and Rotavirus. And at the visit today he received the HiB and pneumococcal (prevnar) vaccines. We delayed the Polio virus for now, will probably have that one administered at nine months.

  3. My little one only had half her 2 month old vax & I have yet to take her back for more. (she's #6 so I'm lax about when to get vax, but she'll be going back soon for more). I had to laugh about you thinking B is small.... Olivia was at the specialist on Thur and weighed in at 9lb 14oz.....she'll be 5 months old tomorrow! lol Typical for my kiddos though, tiny mom equals tiny kids but my Dr always has them see the ped gastro to make sure all is well. I hope B feels better soon. Hate seeing how they feel after shots. :(

  4. Kaia was 11 lbs 11 oz at her appointment on Dec 5th so Bennett might be smallish, but not teeny or anything. Kaia is between the 15th and 25th percentile.

  5. I love Once Upon a Time! I don't like the kid but I love the fairy tales!

  6. And my little pudding is 17 pounds already, off the charts! But she's also well below average for length. She's like a beach ball. They are all so different.


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