Tuesday, December 27, 2011


J's big gift to me this year was more - yes, more - book shelves.  Though we have many we do not have enough and the books have been accumulating on the floor in the living room.

Our neighbor friends have the Expedit shelves from Ikea, I spent a lot of time admiring them so J gifted them to me, though we bought a slightly different version.

We spent the afternoon shifting bookcases, moving books, hauling furniture around the house.  With everything we've moved around lately I could be a certified mover, albeit a super weak one who drops furniture quite often.

If we are ever in need of money I think I will sell my books one by one, turn the downstairs of the house into a used bookshop to help us through.

And that's not even all of them ... I have a problem, I simply cannot get rid of books, or stop buying them.

Ikea overwhelms me.  I don't understand those who visit often.  We go once a year and must plan, think, save up before walking through the doors lest we spend half our savings on kitchen gadgets (only $1.99!!) and "easy to assemble" (ha!) furniture we don't need.  The living spaces scattered around the store make me want to create such efficiency in my own home, it really is a dangerous place.

Since we were in Portland J took me to lunch at the only fast food place that makes me feel good about eating junk.  Burgerville supports local farmers, sells grass fed beef only, has really, really good food considering it is fast food.  I ate a double cheeseburger, a cheeseburger and fries.  I used to do that when pregnant, there was one on the way to the hospital where I saw the maternal fetal medicine doctor, and I liked to have a cheeseburger - or three - once a month, but I don't know what my excuse is now.  Nursing, I suppose.  I have lost 28 lbs so far, only 3 more to go before I hit my pre-pregnancy weight, three more after that and I will be in a good place, five more gone and I will be thrilled.  I figure I have a year to hit any goals weight wise so why not a cheeseburger - or three - now and then?

Soon the house will be sorted, new things up, old things rearranged, our little house stretching at the seams to accommodate the three of us.  I want to enter the new year with less stuff, (but not books, never less of those) clean closets, a comfortable living space.   Three bags of clothes have left the house already, along with a desk, and J has a few more things up for sale.

This guy is not sleeping well, time to soothe him down again.

Once again we find ourselves in the midst of a protracted sleep battle.  It waxes, it wanes, lately he's been sleeping with me most nights though I really would like him to settle down in his co-sleeper.  Or crib, I would accept crib though I would rather have him close.

Two steps forward, one back, that's just parenting, yes?


  1. So sorry to hear your sleep woes continue. I know it is hard, neither one of my children were "good" sleepers. My first did not consistently sleep thru the night in her crib until she was one, my second was 15 months. I co-slept both (#1 until 6 months old and #2 until 9 months old) because it was the only way we could get any sleep. I consulted my pediatrician, read many books, spoke with experienced mommies, and feel like I tried everything. I remember once going up for prayer at church holding my son and just sobbing because I was so tired and frustrated by it all. In the end, I just let it go and did my best to give them both what the needed...which was lots of nighttime mothering. At the time, it felt like it would never end and I would never again know what 6 consecutive hours of sleep again. But, like all things, it passed. Keep up the great attitude and continue to give Bennett what he needs and it will all work out. I have no other great advice or quick fix ideas, but wish I did. I am just a mom that has been there and hope this encourages you.

  2. Girl, you need an Ereader!! I had that problem with books too but being in an apt. I had to be realistic and get rid of all but one box in storage and one bookshelf in the living room.
    We don't sleep well either, if Caleb goes for 4 hours without waking I consider it a triumph. My daughter was like that until she was a year also. And then she magically just started sleeping. I've read the books on sleeping but nothing worked for her and I am too tired to try anything with him! Either it will get better or they will eventually be old enough to be awake in their own room.

  3. It will get better, I promise. He will sleep some day. Have you ever considered an ereader, I love my nook.

    I have a nook color which is awesome because it is like a small tablet, with Internet and a color screen. It is great bec you can turn down the brightness all the way and read at night in the dark. It is how I survived a year of A not sleeping. (well, that and some sleep boot camp when he was six month old). Even now at fifteen months we still have snuggles some nights, but at least now it is one ten minute snuggle and not all night nursefests in the rocking chair. Also, you can put some apps on the nook. The one con is that you can't really read in bright sunlight with sunglasses on, but I can read with them off.

    The regular nook and kindle are e ink screens which you can read in full sun with sunglasses on bec it is more like reading a regular book. But you cant read them at night in the dark bec they aren't backlit screens like the nook color or kindle fire.

    Otherwise I just wanted to say yu are doing a great job, and B is a stunningly beautiful little guy.


thank you!


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