Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 Months

I am the mama of a three month old (well, I will be in a few hours, but posting this now because now is when I have the time!).  When did that happen??  Bennett is the most incredible baby.  I am so thankful J works hard to provide for us so I can stay home with the boy.  He changes on a daily, sometimes hourly it seems, basis and I am blessed to watch him grow.

Before I drop a thousand or so pictures into this post I want to share some of his latest tricks:

- He rolled over once, hasn't tried it since.
- Anything and everything that wanders near his mouth goes in.  He is getting better at bringing things to his mouth, but is not so good at releasing his fists so it's all a bit awkward and strange looking.  He wants to grasp and hang onto things, but his fingers just won't uncurl.  The baby books suggest rubbing the back of the hand to encourage opening.  Doesn't work, he just looks at me like I'm crazy.
- Bennett laughs now.  When he really gets going I laugh so hard I can't catch my breath.  "The Bear Went Over the Mountain," (though I sing "The Bennett went over the mountain,") and "The Wheels on the Bus," crack him up.  He also likes it when I moo, but is not impressed when J does it.  J says that's because he is uber smart and knows who the cow in the family is.  Ha-ha, J, ha-ha.
- He loves to stand up.  He wobbles back and forth, eyes wide, laughs, smiles, drools.
- The drooling, oh my goodness, it's insane.  He soaks two or three shirts every day.  I suppose I should put a bib on him.  I'm reluctant to admit it, but I think he's been pre-teething (is there such a thing?) since the Saturday before Thanksgiving.
- Bennett goes crazy on his changing table.  Kicks his legs, waves his hands around, babbles.
- He loves to talk.  When we read to him he talks and talks and talks.  He also gets going when J arrives home from work, like he just has to tell him all about his day and everything that happened while he was out.
- If he gets good traction Bennett will scoot a bit on his back.
- I am no longer allowed to leave the room.  He is so social, he wants me chatting with him or playing with him at all times.  If I leave to grab lunch, or go to the bathroom, or fetch sometime from the nursery he yells and cries until I come back.  As soon as I am back in the room and talking to him he is all smiles.  It's nice to be loved.
- Bennett has a daily routine!  I have no idea how this happened, or if I facilitated it or what, but it has happened.  Sleeping in his co-sleeper all night is still a problem, but we have made lots of progress and he is one happy baby now that I've figured out he likes to go to bed no later than 6:30.

I'm sorry, I've turned this into a baby book.  I just don't want to forget anything, and right now this is the easiest way to keep track of what he is doing.  How about some pictures to ease the pain of all that boring text?  A lot of these are from my phone.  It's usually closer than the camera.

We love books. I read a different book to him every day, which has made me realize I have way more children's books than I need. 

This is my favorite picture of all time. Bennett looks like he wants to dive into the book.

Having a moment with Sophie.

Out for a walk.  At least once a week we walk a fair piece with our neighbors.  It is so good for me, but tiring.  We often do three or more miles.

The first time he brought something to his mouth without assistance! 

That smile melts my heart. 

He likes to sit up, doesn't understand why he can't do it on his own.  I prop him between my legs and give him toys to play with.

Sometimes the whole bringing things to mouth game doesn't work out so well.

Mama, stop taking pictures and help me!

Impossible to get a non-blurry picture of him stepping across the bed.  He loves to be on the move.

Hello, baby.  We love you.


  1. That face. I just can't get enough of it.

  2. Bennett is so beautiful Angela, he must fill your days with delight x

  3. Kaia is exactly 5 months actual, but 3 months adjusted today too. She is doing a lot of the same things, especially the hand to mouth. The funniest is when she tries to fit her whole hand in her mouth and then gags on it and then looks entirely confused as to what just happened! Your little guy is a cutie and for the record, Kaia has never rolled over on her own yet, so Bennett's got her there.

  4. Keep those pics coming! We love to you too, Bennett boy. xo


thank you!


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