Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is almost here!!!!  I want to open my presents now!  I know J bought me a pair of pants for when I go out walking, which will be so nice since I have to walk in jeans now because the walking pants I was wearing are too thin for this weather.  And I alternated them with a pair of yoga pants day and night for a week straight while we were in the hospital after B was born so they're a bit worn out.

We had lots of Christmas traditions growing up.  I want to incorporate some of them - reading from the Bible as a family on Christmas Eve will be included for sure - but others haven't worked so far.  My mom used to buy a family game that we would open on Christmas Eve and play.  I have tried to incorporate that with J, but there's only two of us so it hasn't worked out. Maybe in a few years ...??  My sister has everyone in the family unwrap new pajamas and a movie on Christmas Eve so they can have cozy movie time the night before the big event.  Perhaps I will steal her idea.

I want to make homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, but I think that may be too ambitious.  I want to make fudge too, but I need to get on that in the next few days and time is going by so fast since B was born. I think the most likely scenario is that I will blink a few times and Christmas morning will be upon us.  And J is taking the week after Christmas off so we can visit family, which means I have to pack up the baby and his stuff.  First trip away from home with B, what do I bring?  His whole room?  Just thinking about how many diapers I should pack is making my head spin.

And speaking of B I've found one million things I want to buy for him, but he's little and doesn't need much and I don't want him thinking Christmas is all about gifts.


How cute is this?

And this?

Why do I love expensive toys?  He is getting a Johnny Jump Up and three books.  That's PLENTY.  Must keep telling myself that!

It's hard because his mama really, really loves gifts.  It's my love language, just ask J.  If he wants something he knows he can always present a chocolate bar followed by his case and receive a yes with little questioning.  I'm pretty sure that's how he ended up with a new computer for Christmas this year ...


  1. As kids, we got new jammies on Christmas Eve after we got back from Christmas Eve service. That way we'd have something nice to wear for Christmas morning (and look nice in photos!). We'd have frozen pizza for dinner. Morning would come and we'd have cinnamon rolls from a can (so bad but SOOOOO good) and open presents once Mom had finished doing her hair and make up. After the gift wrap madness, we'd haul all our loot to our rooms and change into something nice for lunch. Relatives would come over for a full turkey dinner and when all was eaten, out would come dessert and a movie... and turkey quesadilla leftovers!

  2. We always have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, but I prepare them a week before. Just make them to the point that you have them cut, or shaped if you do them that way. Freeze them until the night before you want them. On the night before, put them in a greased baking dish, covered with greased plastic wrap. Leave them to thaw and rise on the counter overnight. Bake in the morning. It's a tradition that I love, and I have hardly any work on Christmas morning.

  3. Oooo I love those toys! My love language is also very much gifts and those are both just gorgeous. I keep trying to be more restrained but I have bought both of mine far too much again this year!

    We also had Christmas pyjamas every year. I've bought Jessica some this year. Very exciting!

    J's done very well for himself this year, wish my hub's love language was also gifts but sadly not!

  4. Cinnamon rolls are a bit of work. I'm thinking about making this cinnamon baked French toast from the Pioneer Woman for Christmas morning:

    Yay Christmas!

  5. I love the pj tradition, might have to steal that one too!!! We made our first road trip home last month & it was overwhelming figuring out what to pack, especially because we cloth diaper, but it all actually went better then expected. Remember baby will get plenty of love & holding time from family. A few must haves for us where: nursing cover, boppy, & swaddle blankets.


thank you!


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