Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I've walked every day this week.  Long walks: to town twice, down to the creek and around the war memorials once.  So much heartache, too bad I can't walk it off, shed it at the war memorials where sadness gathers like fog.

Although I am walking something off because I was able to get in an old pair of jeans without doing squats this morning.  Do you ever do deep knee bends to get your pants on?  It's humbling.  Also humbling: I bought a full length mirror because I finally have a good place for it now that we've moved upstairs.  I think I was better off not knowing how I looked before leaving the house.  It's impossible to be put together and clean when you have a baby.

The blog has been so gloomy lately.  I think it's time for some Bennett pictures to brighten things up:

Bennett likes to sit (and stand) but I don't have a Bumbo so I've been propping him in a laundry basket with toys.  My mom gave me this idea.

What should I play with?

Yesterday I got a Bumbo (borrowed from my sister) and so far Bennett hasn't been impressed with the idea.  I don't like it because he arches has back when I put him in it so I hover over him.  With the laundry basket I can prop him up, give him toys, and make dinner, or clean the house.  He arches his back while in the laundry basket too (dude wants to walk) but he sits low enough that I don't have to worry about him tipping or falling.  

Favorite activity: standing, walking, falling.

This is how he scoots: he gathers the blanket in his hands and then pulls as hard as he can.  It works 25% of the time.

Sleeping with his elephant.  He has become quite attached to her recently.  I call her Ella.  Original, no?


He can lift his head so well now.  I hope he will be ready for his Johnny Jump Up on Christmas.


He is getting better at rolling from his stomach to back and he is so close to rolling from back to stomach.

Sigh.  Big boy, so cliched, but true.  Remember this?


  1. I like he chose his block to play with! He's getting so big! And the head control is great! I wish we didn't live 3000 miles away! We could have a play date.

  2. Keep these pics coming! Man I need to take more. Juliet doesn't really like the bumbo either, her thighs are too fat!!

  3. What a great idea about the laundry basket!! Bennett is so precious.

  4. Darn Bennett is cute.

    I never got a Bumbo for D, I just sat her in the middle of my nursing pillow and she learned to sit by herself before 6 months. If Bennett really loves "Ella" you better look for a back up one fast so they can get equally loved and worn out. Having a toy that equals sleepy time can be a life saver. (Have you read the Ella the Elephant series of children's books? they are a favorite around here too.)


thank you!


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