Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Sorry about the crooked, not so good picture, the baby did not want to be set down, not even for a second.  And our house is slightly crooked, the floors all slant a bit, which makes playing with the dog easy.  I am really pleased with how it turned out, a few adjustments and it will be perfect, I think.

I even have a little pile of books to get rid of!  J said he would like to see all the books I've ever read stacked in one place.  I can't even fathom how many books that would be - thousands?  And for those who think I need an e-reader, I probably do, but I love books, how they look, feel, smell and my one serious obsession is my books.  I just can't imagine not being surrounded by them, or buying new ones, or compiling massive lists of ones to buy. 

We leave to visit family at 8am tomorrow.  I have nothing packed, laundry still to do.  J is working on kitchen shelves - yes, he's amazing, and B doesn't quite have the coordination to help.  Although he has mastered rubbing his eyes, which is making me crazy because he does that instead of sleeping, and once he is asleep he does it in his sleep and wakes himself.  Silly baby. 

Must stop procrastinating and pack.  I have no idea what to bring, I'm thinking the whole house. 


  1. Ooooooooo it looks lovely! I love the lettering on the tops of the shelves too. I should also really succumb to the e-reader as we just don't have enough room in the house for all my books. Lots have already been sent to the attic!

    Hope that the packing went ok and that you have a lovely trip to see your family x

  2. I have a Kindle but I'm not about to get rid of my books. I would love it if I had infinite space to store every book I've ever loved, and every book I want to read someday, but that's just not possible. The Kindle makes it so I have room in my life for other things as well. Also it makes it so I can bring more books with me on an airplane or a train or whatever. There are still "real" books all over my house, and I think there always will be. :)

    I love the book shelf, by the way.

  3. I really need one of those, ha ha. Though I did just get a Kindle for Christmas. It'll never replace how good it feels to curl up with a real book but it comes in VERY handy when you have no room for books.

    When Eli was very little I would pack so much to go anywhere, even for a night, I was so scared I would leave something behind that I would end up needing. I've scaled it back a lot now but it helps that he's no longer a baby :(.

  4. We are currently away and I'm writing from our hotel room. I cannot BELIEVE the amout of STUFF we packed for just TWO days away. It's rather disgusting. Two large suit cases, 3 smaller bags, a stroller, a car seat etc. If this had been the days pre-baby we would have had maybe two small overnight bags and a back pack. Good luck with the packing and hope you have a great visit.
    I too cannot live without my books. Problem becomes, where to put them all when you run out of shelf space. E-readers do help with that and bonus is that e-versions cost less, which means you can just BUY MORE!


thank you!


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