Saturday, December 10, 2011

mama brain and other things

I posted Bennett's three month update without including, or taking, his three month picture.  My brain is not what it used to be.  I can barely form sentences some days.  Entire conversations slip from my mind and when people remind me of them I search through my scattered mind for scraps of recollection, but come up empty.  I've always prided myself on remembering things, but since Bennett was born my brain has switched from pregnancy forgetfulness to mama forgetfulness and mama forgetfulness is leaps and bounds beyond pregnancy forgetfulness.

I have now forgotten what else I was going to write about ...

I kid.

SO, J and I, well I, decided it was high time to rearrange all the furniture in this here house.  I've been wanting to move our bedroom upstairs for a while, but I was holding out, hoping we would get a bathroom installed.  Since that may never, ever happen, though I long for a second bathroom, I decided we should move on up, that it would be nice to have a large bedroom that I can walk around in instead of a tiny little box that barely holds our bedroom furniture.

The move did not go as planned.

My armoire, which I dearly love, is now in Bennett's room, because it simply would not fit up the stairs, and due to its construction there is no way to take it apart, and his dresser is now upstairs.  We have a closet up here, but it only has one clothing rail so we will have to (by this I mean J) figure out a means to hang our clothes.  There is talk of closet systems, built ins, plans online, wood carving, ice sculpting ... I have no idea, but J does and is going to work on it someday.  (His project list makes me shudder.  It's about three yards long.)  We have a lot more work to do before we have things sorted, but so far I like the change.

Last night was J's work party.  I was dressed just fine, thanks for helping me out with the holiday dress mess - again.  J was named employee of the year.  I am so very proud.  He was selected by his fellow employees and everyone had kind things to say about him.

We are all hanging out on the unmade bed upstairs.  The boys are sleeping, but Bennett will wake soon and I really need to consider giving him a bath. This afternoon I realized I haven't bathed him since Thanksgiving!!!!  Shoot, that's embarrassing. 


  1. Dude. Baby brain. It is SO bad. I was such an organised person but now, I don't know which way is up. I had to read a party invitation about four times this morning before we set off. I just can't retain the information like I once did. Then when we arrived at said party, I realised I'd forgotten the Moby, the one essential item I need to get through a long day on my feet with the baby. Annoying!

  2. We mean to bath J every other day but it works out twice a week at the *most*. I feel better now :)


thank you!


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