Sunday, December 18, 2011


I asked a friend to make stockings for us.  I couldn't find anything I liked, and there's no way I could make them, so I asked and she said yes, of course.  I love, love, love the stockings she made.  We picked the fabric, handed it over and she sewed up these beauties:

From left to right: mine, J's, Bennett's and Charlotte's.  It's a little silly to have a full size stocking for Charlotte, but I wanted one.

We picked a different fabric for the insides.  Aren't they amazing?  I wish I had crafty talents.

And she had leftover fabric so she whipped up a holiday pillow for us as well. 

Of course I put him in his baby's first Chrsitmas sleeper and tried to stuff him in his stocking.

What is this?  Why should I care?

This sleeper is so strange.  I'm glad I bought it at the consignment store.  It buttons up the back, opens like a sack kind-of.  It looks really odd on Bennett because it's too big

All of his clothes are too big.  He doesn't have enough neck or belly for any of his shirts so they always gape which makes me crazy.  Superficial, silly, yes.  I bought the cutest reversible pants for him the other day - also too big - but at least when I roll these there are dinosaurs on the cuffs.

It's a good thing this boy is so cute because the cranky monster is currently residing inside of him, which is making him super grumpy and fussy.  Teething is rough, friends, and we have no idea what to do.  He is drooling like mad, happy, sad, happy, sad, not napping well, nursing constantly, wearing us out.  I can see a little white bud on the bottom, wonder how long it will be before it pops through?


  1. He's so cute!!! Especially love the pic of him stuffed in his stocking!

    Teething just sucks.

  2. Aww, first off, it's not silly to have a full size stocking for Charlotte! I have one for Noah hanging with all the kids (pics on my blog). His stocking will always get hung with theirs. :)

    And Olivia is swimming in her clothes as well. She is 5 months old and still wears newborn sleepers and 0-3 is still big. It looks cute though.

    I can't believe B is cutting a tooth already!! My older kiddos didn't get teeth till almost 1yr old so I'm sure it'll take O till then as well.

  3. They look so good on your mantle! I'm so thankful you love them!!! I had so much fun with them! xoxoxoxo

    All 5 of our stockings are the same size. Natalie's is special though, because everyones else's are in blues and silver and her's is purple and silver with a butterfly. My momma made ours. Not totally my style, but a tradition. :)

    Teething stinks to high heaven! I always felt so bad for my babies...can you imagine a sharp object slowly poking a hole through your skin?? I understand why they are so cranky when you think of it that way! Poor Bubba Bennett :( My kids just loved to chew on things...I don't remember what Malachi prefered, but Sapphira loved(es) chewing on dry washcloths when her mouth was bothering her. I have heard of people filling one of those mesh baggie things that are meant for babies to gum fruit with ice instead and letting them gum on that. B might be too young though...???

    I was so glad I got to see you all this morning...B certainly had a lot to say. I need to smooch on him soon! Love you tons and tons

  4. Beautiful stockings! Sorry Bennett's having a tough time with teething. It's especially hard when they're so little. All 3 of my kids had their first tooth (my oldest got 2 at one time!) by 4 months. I remember giving Tylenol, mostly at night, and helping them to hold and suck on a cold teether. Hopefully the tooth will break through soon so it doesn't hurt so much.

  5. One thing that my daughter loved while she was teething was a cold/frozen washcloth. Just get a washcloth damp and put it in the freezer for a little bit. Really helped to sooth her.

  6. I also have a full-size stocking for my daughter. I debated for awhile whether it was "weird" or not but decided I didn't care. I had a cousin who passed away as a baby and his family rarely mentioned him. I didn't want that to be the same with my daughter so I figured that even as the years go on, she WILL be remembered by the entire family at least at Christmas time.

    I'm amazed how strong my grief is right now too. Praying for you.


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