Friday, February 17, 2012


B has mastered screeching.  In one week he has learned ba, da, and screeching.  My very verbal boy is now in overdrive.  He talks all the time. When we go out people comment on how mellow he is.  You should see him at home, people.  We drove to my parent's house a couple weeks ago.  It's a solid fifty minute drive, if not a full hour.  B talked the whole way there.

We are having a lazy day at home.  This week we had somewhere to be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday and we have plans Saturday and Sunday.  I needed some time at home today to do some cleaning and sleeping.

Every day I dress Bennett as soon as he is awake.  I like to have a really consistent bed and morning routine, I think it helps him know the difference between night and day.  I could be totally wrong about that.  Anyway, B has been in his pajamas all day and now I'm wondering why I insist on dressing him everyday.  Jams are so easy!

J has spent the past few evenings working on raised beds.  We are going to attempt a food garden this year.  I have no idea what I am doing.  It's funny, not that long ago growing a garden was second nature.  Everyone did it, it's how you got your food.  Now I'm looking at seed catalogs, planting times, harvesting times, and scratching my head at how much thought it requires.

I gave cloth diapers a (very small) try this week.  Conclusion: I am way too lazy to cloth diaper.  I'm not thrilled with Seventh Generation, he is having a ton of blowouts, like every time he poops, so I think we will finish our stash and then use the diapers we have.  No matter what we do he breaks out in rashes.  As soon as one clears another one starts.  We're managing, but there are days when J and I feel like screaming if B scratches his head one more time.  We hate to see him miserable, but nothing is working, not even hydrocortisone cream.

B is napping, I should do the same.  I saw Dr. B yesterday (I'm at the clinic every week right now) and she said I must rest more or else I will never be well. Having a thyroid disease makes life hard.  Seven years after diagnosis I'm still learning to live peacefully with it.

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  1. Ask your doctor about Vusion for the diaper rash. My daughter had horrible persistent diaper rash and our insurance wouldn't cover it and the pharmacist took pity on me and told me how to make it. Its 80 percent vaseline, 15 percent zinc oxide( i used desitin maximum strength to get the zinc oxide) and 5 percent monistat. It worked wonders for her, Im talking clear in two diaper changes and now I use a lil bit each change for preventative measures and we havent had so much as a bump in three weeks!


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