Saturday, February 18, 2012

weekend fun

This is going to be one of those helter skelter random posts.

I am very excited to be part of Carrie's new project: Among the Circle. Among the Circle is a website for those who are expecting after a loss.  Go check out the first post.  I am excited to be one of the regular contributors.

B is doing fine despite his dive for freedom yesterday.  I'm still mad at myself, but have to remember it happens to every parent at some point.  He doesn't even have a mark on his sweet head, even though the way he flipped ensured he hit the top of his head rather solidly on the hardwood floor.

This morning we went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's.  Oh my good gravy.  I absolutely understand why parents would pick this place for a birthday, or why kids would.  I's fabulous, they have a great time, it's perfect for little ones, but I'm in need of a good strong drink after spending the morning there.  The parents were super smart, they booked the earliest time possible.  It was wonderful for the little ones to have the place all to themselves for a while.  When we left it was quite busy.

For those of you living outside the US: Chuck E Cheese's is a place with small rides (think car that goes up and down outside the market), video games, an indoor play structure, and pizza.  The games spit out tickets which the kids (or adults) can turn in for prizes.  There is a mouse who hosts your birthday party, he does a little time with each party, and walks around posing for photos and meeting the kids.  The mouse - Chuck, I guess - speaks in a New Jersey accent. I'm serious.  Whenever he does his birthday routine they turn on an audio track featuring a man with the heaviest Jersey accent I've ever heard.

We received tons of tokens as part of the birthday package.  J had a great time playing games with his friends.  Bennett stared, drooled, and eventually passed out from over-stimulation.  I took him on one little car ride.  I didn't fit in the car, he was not impressed, but we did receive a snap since mama chose a "photo ride."

The picture was bad before I took a picture of it with my phone. Now it's just creepy.

Hope you're having as much fun as we are this weekend!


  1. Thanks Angela for sharing and contributing to Among the Circle. We also had a bray party at Chuck E Cheese this morning. Not such a fan but I sm sure the all day ickiness plays a part.
    Also sorry about B hitting his head. I still remember when Colton hit his the first time. Panic followed.

  2. I *gasped* when you mentioned Chuck E Cheese! Enjoy it now with a baby who can not yet walk around and touch everything and pick up germs! A few years ago when my oldest 2 were toddlers we went there often (enough) for parties and playdates, and every.single.time they got sick. Everyone I know says the same thing. No amount of handwashing can prevent it (believe me I am a germphobe!) My youngest is now 2 and he has never been there :) Just an FYI :)


thank you!


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