Saturday, February 4, 2012


Talked J's ear off on the way home from a family event this evening.  I've been praying for guidance for this space, for my writing, for my future.  I've been turning a few questions over in my mind:

Do I finish the book I've been working on?  Can I?

If I do, what then?

Do I seek a place to write that will give me money in the bank?

I want to feel content (writing wise) but I don't, so maybe there is something grand on the horizon?

Will what I want come to me, or will I have to find it?

I explained to J that her death gave me back a love of writing.  I don't want to waste that.

I see others who succeed in this world of blogs and my jealous heart wonders why I've been left out in the cold.

Though I really haven't.

I feel lucky to have a blog that people read.  I feel blessed to have so many comment.  Perhaps this is enough, these wonderful connections I make with people all over this planet.  Perhaps a feeling of contentment is on the horizon.

I hope I don't sound ungrateful, or whiny.  Just doing a lot of thinking.


If you are reading this and would like to pay me to write, please do.

Wouldn't it be nice if an opportunity fell out of the sky like that?


  1. With the amount that I check to see you if you have posted something new, I should totally give you a portion of our 'entertainment budget.'

    Happy Sunday!

  2. You have to chase the money a bit, join networks, put in time making contacts on twitter. And then it means much compromise. I try to get it right, but it takes work. I think the uk is a smaller pool too, so many big bloggers in the us. But will chat to you about it if you want?

  3. I don't know much about blogging for money, but I would buy your book if you finish it! What about a book of poems, or a children's book? I could totally see you doing that!


thank you!


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