Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We're having sleep issues, forgive me if this post isn't coherent.  I have a lot of questions, thought I would ask you smart people rather than google.

* Bennett is very, very interested in food, but I am trying to hold him off for another month.  I give him carrot sticks to gum, which keeps him interested at the table, and the other day I gave him a chunk of banana to play with.  He did not want to give it back, he gripped it in his little baby fist and licked it like a popsicle.

Playing with baby spoons.

When we start solids how exactly does it work?  Do I nurse, and then give food, or give food and then nurse?  Do we start with one meal a day, or go right to three?  When do I start giving him water to drink?

What do you mean I have to eat with this?!

* Thanks to Bennett's skin issues we have to give him a warm water bath every day.  This issue is so confusing: some say bathe every day, some say don't bathe very much.  Our doctor said the latest research supports bathing every day in warm water without soap so that is what we are doing.

Please tell me there is an easier way to bathe him.  The infant bathtub is NOT working for us.  Well, it works, but I hate it.  It says it's designed for newborns and toddlers.  HA!  Bennett doesn't fit in it very well now, there is no way he is going to make it to toddlerhood.  I use it in the bathtub because he splashes so much, but holding on to him while hanging over the side of the tub is awkward and uncomfortable.  I was looking at bath rings online, but they're $30-$40.00 and as soon as he can sit up on his own we won't use it.

* We are still waiting for his first tooth (teeth?) to come through.  He's been working on it for two months!  Once it's through do we need to start brushing his teeth?  Should I be running a washcloth over his gums now?

*  This last one is J related.  He says he doesn't read here very often, hopefully he skips this post.  J will be 30 in April and I want to do something for him, especially since he won't expect it from me.  I would love to go to Hawaii with my boys, but two years of heavy medical bills makes that impossible.

Ideas?  Suggestions?  Should I throw a big surprise party, or ask someone to watch Bennett so we can have a night away in Portland?  I read a book recently where a wife took her husband to a public garden on his birthday. They were walking around and slowly his friends wandered in to the garden via various access points and then they had a big party.  Lovely idea, but I couldn't orchestrate that.

The boy is awake.  Thanks in advance for helping me!


  1. I think that when you first start solids they are supposed to be more about learning how to eat, than getting sustenance, so I would say maybe sometime after feeding and before the next nap. So I would do feeding, some play, solids, and then nap. And regarding the bath, why not get in there with him. He can likely take the water a little warmer so you don't freeze, and you get to snuggle some nakie baby.

    I would recommend you research what is called baby led weaning or baby led solids. (weaning meaning sustenance other than breastmilk, not that you have to actually start weaning). It is more like skipping purees, and going straight for people food, which is kind of what you are doing with the carrots and banana chunks. Avocado is a wonderful first food. With both of my kids we started with one solids a day, and then gradually moved on to more. With DD she was almost 1 when she went to three meals, and DS was younger, but he was breastfed and I think a lot hungrier.

    I love the idea of going out just the two of you. It is a great way to recharge your marriage. When my hubs and I lived in Washington we used to drive in to Portland a lot. One year we went to a restaurant called Urban Fondue for new year's eve. It was a really nice place, great vibe. I love fondue restaurants for special occaisions because the pace is slow with you cooking your own food in the fondue broth. It makes for a lot of time to stare into each other's eyes and converse. We left my kids with my mom last night and went out into the city (NYC) for my birthday. (not fondue bec we did that a few weeks ago). We can't really do overnights because my son (16 months) is still nursing.

    Oh, and happy birthday to J.

  2. We started solids. What we do is we give him an entire 2oz container of stage 1 food (we use Gerber or Beechnut brands) then give him a 4oz bottle (he is doing 6oz of formula every feeding) just so that he is getting at least 6oz of food. Once he turns 6months old we plan on giving him two containers of food, one in the morning one in the evening. If Bean is pretty fussy I will start with the bottle first then spoon feed. I would say it will just depend on B on how he is and what works for you guys. Hope it goes well, feeding solids has been a lot of fun.

  3. nurse first then feed solids start with one meal a day when B is happy and not over tired we did avocado first. we did purees till about 8 months then blw(baby led weaning). I made my own food and have some fun recipes :).

  4. Hello! Nurse, then feed. I initially started baby led weaning but then discovered that Kal REALLY liked purees. We fed a lot of 'HappyBaby' organic and 'Sprout' organic. Start with one a day,,,he probably won't get a lot down at first and that's ok, just exploring foods is the big thing :)
    I love this ... http://www.amazon.com/Safety-1st-Kirby-Inflatable-Tub/dp/B001MTELJY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1328645701&sr=8-1. We would just put towels on our kitchen floor and let him play in there. If shipping it to you is less than getting it from amazon and you would like it I would be happy to share! For us it was a happy medium between baby tub and full-sized tub.
    I never brushed before his teeth came through...once they did I brushed once a day. This has been a huge hit in our house http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Banana-Bendable-Training-Toothbrush/dp/B002QYW8LW/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1328646004&sr=1-1 he now asks for 'nana brush' a few times a day and does quite well on his own :)
    I think a night out with J sounds nice! My husband and I haven't been out much since Kal arrived 18 months ago ;) but the few times we have it feels so good to have 'us' time again! :)

  5. I too am trying to hold Kaia off on the solids until after she's out of the cast, so at least another 7 1/2 weeks! I keep getting the push from every medical professional she sees about starting sooner though. I don't know why. She's a good size. She's healthy...why the heck would you want me to feed her stuff that could make her constipated while she CAN'T MOVE in a cast? Um yeah, thanks but no. Plus solid baby poo smells more. If it gets on her cast we're done for.

    But, since that's not B's issue, I would say start with once a day solids at first, after he's had a feed. I would have him sit upright in his high chair if he has one and let him play with whatever you give him. You don't HAVE to start with the cereals. I'm planning on maybe a mushed up banana or avocado like people suggested below. Just let him play and experiment. It might be messy, but I think I'm going to try to let Kaia feed herself initially (another reason to wait until she's out of the cast). She seems to dislike it if WE put things in her mouth, but will happily chew on things SHE puts in her mouth. So starting solids might be more successful initially if she is in control.

    In regards to this skin stuff, I second the suggestion to get in the bath with him. I loved having baths with Kaia prior to her cast being put on. It was nice to have her 'swim' around and it might be a nice calming routine to get into before you put him to bed.

    We haven't brushed Kaia's gums yet (she doesn't have any teeth either), but I hear you're 'suppose to'. I plan to start brushing when she has a tooth. Hopefully she'll like it...but I'm betting not.

    For his birthday could you say you're taking him out to a restaurant for dinner, but secretly plan to have a bunch of his friends there too (if you want to include others in your celebration). Or a night out together can be nice too. Maybe go some place you've never been...or some place you went early on in your relationship. "Memory lane" can be a nice place to visit. Hope you can think of something!

  6. Feeding solids is a highly individual process. There is no one "right" way. We did something sort of half-way between "baby led weaning" and "puree" stuff. I started with soft foods mashed with a fork. Sweet potatoes, squash, cooked carrots, fresh bananas, that sort of thing. I attempted avocado early on because it's so nutritious, but she hated it (smart girl).
    You will find what works for you and B. I agree with reading up on Baby Led Weaning. Also check out http://www.wholesomebabyfoods.com/ . You'll see a wide variety of theories and ideas on how/when/what to start baby on solids. Something will "click" with you and make sense for you and your individual baby. As long as you're not throwing Chicken McNuggets in a blender every day whatever you do will be fine. ;)

  7. I came back just to look at that pic of B with his tongue sticking out again. Seriously, I am sitting here with a big ole' dopey grin on my face.

  8. OK, so I have 2 older boys, both alive and well, but by no means does this make me an expert.

    About the food, I let my boys try anything they looked interested in from an early age and just nursed along as well.

    I am also of Italian decent and believe me when I say culturally pablum is not ever on the menu. When my son M was less than six months old, my aunt fed him a rather large serving of lasagna. Later that month my Dad fed him some rib eye. When D jr. was 2 weeks old I left him outside of the pharmacy with the baby in the stroller. Hubby was eating a rocky road ice cream cone. When I came back I was livid. I accused him of giving him ice cream. He denied it until I pointed out the chocolate in the corner of his mouth. He claimed the baby was staring at him with "those eyes". Suffice to say he lived and is now a thriving 15 year old.

    About bathing, get in the bath with him! I loved doing that!! Or take him in the shower. As soon as the umbilical stump fell off I always put them in the shower with my husband. It's not for the faint of heart though...they do get slippery, but if you are just getting him wet, he might enjoy a lovely warm shower with him parents :)

    Just my two cents.

    p.s. B is absolutely gorgeous :)

  9. Juliet is SO ready as well. She tries to swipe food off Angus' high chair if she is pushed up close to his. I want to try a bit of baby led weaning this time as well, but I think I'll still do some mushed up food, probably avocado and banana first, and you can even combine the two! Great as they don't need cooking. Angus stared on avocado and loved it.
    I always gave food after boob, as the milk is still the most important thing at this early stage.
    Have fun with it all. I do remember how utterly confusing it was at the start and part of why i'm holding off this time is because it means one more thing to add in to my already busy day!

  10. Baby led weaning freaks me out. There is a lot of choking, or so it seems, and I just can't handle that.

    I should try putting him in the shower again. The first time we tried that he did not like it. Or I could bathe with him, he would love that.

  11. Oh, I like that tub idea! The price isn't bad either. We received some gift money for B, perhaps we will purchase that!

  12. How did you know I was planning on throwing Chicken McNuggets in a blender every day ... :)

  13. He sticks his tongue out when he concentrates - so cute!

  14. Mess and time are two reasons I am happy to wait until six months, if not longer, to introduce solids. It's so easy to breastfeed, at home and when we're out. I'm already dreading the days of packing snacks and figuring out what he can eat if we're out running errands all day.

  15. Well I have no advice about the feeding and bathing given I haven't had little Logan yet. But I DID enjoy reading what others said :)

    I say take the hubby out for some one on one time together. You won't get to do it often so it's nice to have a reason to get out together :) I am already relishing EVERY second I get to go out with my husband because I know in a couple months it won't be often. I'm sure he'll love whatever you do!!

  16. The book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron is GREAT for learning to feed children (both the how & the what) :) I didn't adhere to everything, but it's a great start. Kids vary SOOO much. My first was such a great eater, knowing exactly what to do first try, very early. My second, well, he gags himself on any food he simply does not want to eat (never mind the fact he ate it yesterday fine, it's not good enough today). Get some advice from a few reliable sources, see what works for your boy & go with the flow. Such a fun time - watching little ones eat is so sweet & precious! If he's still a little hungry after nursing, you could try right away or wait 15-30 min & offer him something. Once or twice a day is totally fine to start with! Don't let food stress you out - I let it get to me & I really regret it. Their habits & hunger patterns are ever changing so just seeing what works & what doesn't is a constant process. They will figure out eating whether you stress or not, might as well not!! Good luck :)

  17. I always took baths with my kids when they were that little. Muuuuuuuch easier! I just laid them down on my legs with my knees between their shoulders and head to help them stay put and let them go at it! I loved spending time with them while they were doing something they loved so much! I remember using the infant bathtub at first with Malachi, but I never even got it out of the attic with Sapphira.

    We have to give Sapphira warm baths every night, too for her eczema and then immediately afterwards lube her up with vasoline. Our Dr told us we should be using a lb of vasoline a week so she does't get flare ups. When we are super diligent about it, it helps soooo much!

    I just started by giving them rice cereal or something like it (Sapphira hated it but I can't remember what we replaced that with to save my life!!) once a day to start and just starting adding another serving when it felt right and they wanted more. I think I remember feeding them before nursing because I thought they'd be more likely to try something new if they were hungry. Once he gets good with that, puffs are a little guys best friend!!! Both of my kiddos looooooved them! Easy to pack in the diaper bag and pop out anywhere they are fussy and want something to do.

    Whatever you do will be just right for Bennett and your family! xoxoxo

  18. Re. J's birthday! My two cents - the best gift you could give your husband right now, I would imagine, is the gift of time with you. I'm guessing that as much as you'd (both) miss B, that a night away with just the two of you would be wonderful.

    I am a firm believer in making sure you absolutely get time out. Alone. I think J would love you all to himself!

    It's been five years since I had a newborn and I still think those times with just the two of us were what made it so much easier to hold on to a great relationship. When are next baby arrives in eight or so weeks, I'm hoping to be able to do the same again. xo

  19. Ikea actually has a really great baby--not infant-- tub. We loved ours!

  20. I sorta separated nursing from solid feeding entirely - I nursed on my regular schedule, and then sat my son in his high chair while my husband and I were eating. He totally balked at the idea of being spoon fed, so I used those little mesh bags to give him bits of fruit at first. Then we discovered that giving him his own spoon to gnaw at and play with allowed us to feed him some purees (at about 8 months old when his first teeth came in). Then I moved to little chunks of food on his tray while I fed him a puree at around 9 months. At 11 months I started letting him use a baby fork to pick up the little chunks, and at 12 months he was eating straight-up table food all on his own with a spoon and fork. I started offering a sippy cup with just water in it at mealtimes at 9 months, and then at 12 months I started putting whole milk in the cup during meals with a cup of water between meals.

    After meals, I started giving him this little nuk brush (http://tinyurl.com/2f3bprg) to gnaw at. He loved it and would chew on it all day. Then around 12 months I started giving him a toddler tooth brush to gnaw at, and then I help finish off the teeth after breakfast and before bed. My pediatrician says it's more for habit-forming now and to not worry much about teeth until he's two.

    Before we got married, my husband talked about wanting to get his groomsmen together and get fancy straight-razor shaves and haircuts at a real barber shop. He never ended up doing it, but he still talks about finding a cool old-fashioned barber. I don't think a shave would suffice for J's whole birthday, but it might be a nice way to start the day.

  21. Like some others, we took baths with Dot when she was little. It worked well, and was fun (but it may not really count as a bath for you, if you're the adult in there - I still wanted my own bath or shower). Now Dot likes the extra space of a solo bathtub, so I just kneel outside.

    For a first "solid" food, I went with mashed avocado, and then some mashed bananas. I know all babies are different, but I worried too much about when & how to introduce solids - our first experiences were more game/snack than anything resembling meals, and we went several months just trying some solids once or twice a day while I continued to breastfeed just as much as I ever did.


thank you!


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