Friday, February 10, 2012

Are you always this tense?

Today was not my day.  I wrote that earlier post - at 9am - and then it crashed.

I was playing with Bennett upstairs while getting ready.  Bent down wrong, stood up wrong, breathed wrong ... I have no idea what happened, but I threw out my back.  I had to be in a town forty-five minutes away, so hoped it would improve as the day went on.

When J came home shortly after I did he said I should call the chiropractor for an emergency appointment.  I was all whiny, it's almost 4, I don't want to drive over the bridge to that part of town at this hour ..." and now I'm thinking I should have.  J is always right.  It makes me crazy.

My appointment was with Dr. B's husband, the other Dr. B if you will, was at 12:45.  I dropped B off with my in-laws, settled him in, and went to my appointment.  I didn't see the doctor until 1:40 and the appointment only lasted fifteen minutes.  Infuriating.

He didn't know why I was there, I had to explain why I was seeing his wife, before he stuck me with needles.  While massaging my neck before administering the shots he said, "Are you always this tense?"  Yes, yes I am.  The counselor noticed it yesterday too.  I don't relax, sorry.

And telling me I am getting one shot out of three, but only one today, and then sticking me with six or eight needles - lost track - NOT FAIR.  The one in the head was completely uncalled for.  Why do naturopaths always go for the head?  Every time I've had acupuncture I've had to say no, not the head, I don't like it.  Three sticks to the head this go round - yikes.

I'm sure he thought I was crazy.  I kept muttering, "birth is worse, birth is worse," (I despise needles) and when he asked how I was doing I told him I was, "breathing, just doing my birth breathing."  And of course he asked how many kids I have.  That should be the first thing on any medical chart of mine.  Her baby died, don't ask unless you are prepared to be kind about it.  He was speechless, stayed quiet for a while.

While waiting I couldn't sit down comfortably because my back was thrown out.  I would sit, stand, pace, sit, stand, pace.  The receptionist checked on me a few times.  Apologized for how far behind he was.  Asked if I wanted to reschedule.  I said, "I drive forty-five minutes to get here.  I don't want to cancel, but if he doesn't see me by 2 I'm leaving and taking this up with the other Dr. B.  I exclusively breastfeed and I'm sure my son is not taking a bottle right now."

I was right.  He hates the bottle, though he started on it in the NICU.  Using a bottle and spoon my mother-in-law got an ounce down him.  This might alter my plans for J's birthday.  I can't leave him overnight if he won't eat.  He will have some solids by then, but not much.

Tried cup feeding, tried strew feeding - well, with water - so drinking, not feeding.  I think we need to try a sippy cup.  What's your favorite brand?

Two posts in one day - whew.  I'll leave you with a picture of Bennett on our walk tonight.

Northwest baby: he's wearing his first Columbia fleece.


  1. He is SOOO cute! Love the pic!

    Sorry, your day sounds terrible. I threw out my back once and it was unbelievably inconvenient (and more than a little painful) for weeks. I didn't have a baby at the time either. I hope yours heals much faster. Do gentle stretches and exercises. I am no expert on backs, but I do know mine was caused by tight muscles and it sounds like you may have some tension going on as well. Tea made with organic hops is incredibly effective for relaxing - like a beer but without the alcohol.

    Eliyana wouldn't take a bottle or sippy cup but she did eat breastmilk from a spoon at that age. You know, if they get hungry enough, anything is possible . . .

  2. I can't remember if I told you this so forgive me if I'm repeating myself. The only way we got my daughter to take a bottle was my husband put her in a highchair, facing him. He held the bottle for her, which I'm sure was uncomfortable, but she took it right away. We suspect she knew being cradled in my arms usually meant the breast so when he held her like that and gave her that stupid fake nipple she was pretty mad about it. It seemed like making the bottle feeding as unlike the breast feeding as possible is what finally did the trick. Good luck!

  3. We went through a lot of sippy cups trying to find one that worked for my tot when she was just starting out. Oddly enough, the one that was easiest for her in the beginning was the semi-disposable take-n-toss. Now she'll take anything out of any cup (sippy or not) but for a while I was in despair that she'd never learn to drink from a cup and I'd have to nurse her six to eight times a day for the rest of her life.


thank you!


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