Saturday, February 25, 2012


Struggling with writer's block a bit.  Counseling on Wednesday did a number on my head, can't figure out how to get words out anymore.

There is a new post up on Among the Circle and it's fabulous.  Spread the word about this wonderful site, please.  I am working on my first post, hope to have it up within the next few days.

Had my second round of injections yesterday.  No head shots this time, just back!, abdomen! and thyroid.  Maybe that's what's doing my head in.

Best blackout curtain suggestion: tin foil.  A little low class, but I bet it works.

Bennett rolled from back to tummy twice before bed last night.  This morning he did it again, looks like he's mastered a new skill.

The itching is out of control.  That is the most likely reason I can't write.  Bennett is sleeping with me most nights now.  I have to pin him down so he doesn't itch.  You try sleeping while holding a baby down, it's not easy.  Friday is last round of injections for me, first visit with the naturopath for him.  We need a solution.  We are too close to insanity due to frustration for comfort.

Over and out.  I'll be back when I can string a coherent sentence together.

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  1. Have you tried socks instead of scratch mitts for Bennett at night? They tend to stay on better x


thank you!


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