Saturday, February 11, 2012

cousin time & pictures

My nephew needed time with his mama today so I headed over to watch my niece (my back isn't hurting as much).  Oh my goodness me, there is a reason one cannot have babies too close together.  Spending the afternoon with a five month old and eleven month old was exhausting!  And fun.  At one point I said, "stop trying to eat each other!"  Never thought I would hear that come out of my mouth.  Proud of myself for taking this on today.  Baby girls make my heart sad, but it's easier now that I have Bennett.

After hitting up a play my nephew's fun day continued with a trip to his favorite place: Applebee's.  We made it super exciting by joining in.  We walked in with a five month old, five year old, eleven month old and two adults.  They seated us at a table.  Booths are a bit easier with young ones.  I told my sister we need a banquet room, preferably one that seats fifty.  I understand why people with little ones often prefer to stay home.


I have a lot of pictures on my phone.  Quality isn't always good, but thought I would share fifty a few:

Four-five weeks old

Eight weeks old

Nine weeks

Mama needs sleep


Holiday snooze

Ergo love

Mama has the flu

Loving on Sophie before we left this morning

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