Thursday, February 2, 2012

he scoots!

Bennett is so busy!  He scoots now!  If you can call digging in his heels, throwing back his head, and arching his back scooting.  I don't know what else to call it.  I now have to pin him down when changing him, or else he will take off. Last night I set him down, turned around to grab his jams, turned to change his diaper and .. he was out of reach.  I had to stand up and fetch him.

It's annoying, but more than that

it's fun!

This morning I set him down on the floor and went to wash my hands.  When I returned he was trying to eat his dresser.

We may have to put breathable bumpers on his crib.  He scoots until he hits the end, and then he tries to keep going, like he thinks he can break through the crib with his head.

Here is a short video of Bennett scooting.  I love how he checks to see if he has made it close enough to reach his toy.  I have no idea why it uploaded sideways, my apologies, I am not so good at this computer thing.

In other news: I am finally feeling better!  The only good thing about that flu?  I lost six pounds.


  1. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! I love, love, love this!! He reminds me so much of Luke! That's just what Luke would do!!!! And yep...pretty much when we put the breathable bumper in because he was scooting to the end, then getting caught sometimes!!!

  2. I bet he could really get moving if he was on the hardwood. (as long as he didn't bonk his head.) Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  3. Ha ha, that video is too cute! Eli still does the back scoot thing when I change his diaper, it's way less cute at one and a half (but it still makes me laugh because he thinks he's being funny, and I guess he is).


thank you!


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