Monday, February 6, 2012

heart of grief

A couple days ago I wrote about contentment, wanting more for this space, for my life.  This morning I received an email that shattered my heart, left me crying for a mama and family I'll never know or meet.  These emails come in waves: one a week, three a week, a week without and then four.  And that is where the contentment lies, I think, in knowing that people can say whatever they like in an email to me.  I won't judge, I won't blame, I won't criticize.  I will take your baby, your story, your tear laden words, and place them in my heart next to my sweet girl.  I am blessed when I receive these stories, when people choose to sit before their computer and craft their pain into words to send to me.  Yes, these stories make my heart ache, but what is life without some ache?  This morning I've been reminded of the women spread across this world with empty arms and teary eyes.  Hold your babies close.  Tuck your lost ones in tight, down in that corner of your heart where babies who leave too soon snuggle.  Be kind.  Love, forgive, accept.

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  1. Beautiful words as always... <3


thank you!


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