Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'll Always Be Your Mama

This came to me as I was putting Bennett down for his afternoon nap.  This is one of those 'hit publish before you come to your senses' moments.

I'll Always Be Your Mama

Let me rock you to sleep 
my baby boy.
I'll be here when you wake.

I love to rub your nose
and kiss your toes.
I'll always be your mama.

Please don't cry
little one.
Here's a hug for you.
And three million kisses too.

I will dry your tears
and chase away all your fears.
I'll always be your mama.

On a sunny May morn
before you were born
I became a mama
for the first time.

Though it didn't last -
she came and went so fast -
I will always be her mama.

Someday you'll grow up,
though I can't imagine it,
and live away from me.

Whenever it comes,
however we part, 
I will always be your mama.

I wish you joy, 
and dreams come true
little one.


  1. I love this-- so true, so beautiful.

  2. Really, really beautiful Angela.

  3. So beautiful!

  4. Always hers and always his. This is beautiful Angela.


thank you!


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