Tuesday, February 14, 2012


J broke the no gifts rule.  He does it every year.  I never buy him anything.  It works.  Strange as it seems, this is our balance.  Someone at his work has a second full time job (!) at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, so he asked her to put together some chocolates for me.

There's a lot of how we met stories floating around the blogosphere today.  I thought about writing ours up, but I don't really feel up to it today - a bit of heart ache is slowing me down - so thought I would give you the short version.

- We met at university.
- He was friends with my roommates, but didn't actually attend the university anymore (dropout!)
- Love at first sight for both of us.
- First thing I said to him: "Hello, would you like some cheese?"
- But then: nope, guess I was wrong, not interested.
- Interrupted my studies - he picked up my pencil, threw it in the other room and said, "Ooops, dropped your pencil."
- Would not leave me alone.
- Banned from apartment.
- Called unexpectedly.
- Showed up at my door for a movie.
- Three weeks later we star gazed in a park near the university and talked about marriage.
- June 10, 2006 we married after finishing our respective degrees - though he still had his externship to complete.

Like I said, that's the very, very edited version.  J had a bit of flair then, still does now, but it's changed.  I'll never forget our first kiss, and not just because it took place outside a dorm at my Quaker university (shocking!).  He dropped me off outside my dorm, turned around to leave, stopped his car, jumped over a set of low bushes, grabbed me while I was swiping my security card, kissed me, and kept running.  Lovely, yes?

Time for dinner and a movie.

I hope your day was filled with love.


  1. So cute!!! Kiss and run. Awwwwww. Have a lovely dinner and movie!

  2. Love it! Love that first kiss, that's a great story. Way to go, Jon. :)

  3. Awww so sweet. x

  4. You guys looked adorable on your wedding day.
    We actually MET on Valentines Day, 13 years ago this year.


thank you!


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