Friday, February 3, 2012

sun in february!

Rash wars have begun again.  It's infuriating to watch his skin flare up and know I can't do anything.  He is breaking out, I don't think it's just dry skin. Poor dear sounds like a frog right now too, and is snotty nosed again.

This rash is making me so crazy I've started wondering if he's allergic to cotton or some other innocuous thing.  Then I realize that makes no sense, because he didn't have a reaction until he was four months old.

We're heading in to the doctor this evening.  Last go round we saw a physicians assistant and this time I want his doctor to look him over.  I'm not satisfied with the dry skin/eczema/cradle cap response.


The sun is shining here, which we Oregonians always appreciate.  Bennett seemed rather baffled by the glare in his eyes when I took him outside yesterday.

Shadow shots -


nearly five months after birth. b is leaning on my leg, he's not really that tall.

Can you tell how horrible my posture is in that second shot?  This weather won't last long, we probably have four months of rain coming up, but while it's here we are soaking it up.

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  1. He really is SO cute.

    Could he be teething? Rash, snotty nose? Just a thought. (Owen is drooling like B, but isn't teething, but does have a rash that comes and goes...)

    Enjoy that sun!!!


thank you!


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