Sunday, February 19, 2012

whooping cough?

Pertussis has possibly inserted its evil self into our lives.  My mom and two of my nephews are on antibiotics for possible, but not confirmed, infection.  I was feeling fine about the issue since B has had two of his pertussis vaccines.

Then he coughed twice last night.  This morning he was sneezing and coughing within minutes of waking.  I called his doctor immediately, doing my best not to panic about the fact he may have whooping cough.  We are to go in tomorrow morning for a nasal swab, but the culture won't come back for 72 hours.  The doctor said antibiotics are not necessary yet, we will have a better idea of what to do after our appointment tomorrow.

J is coughing now, as am I.  Not much, but enough for J to say, "We all have pertussis!"  We're not sure if he should go to work tomorrow or not, it's all very confusing.  Pertussis isn't very common anymore, but there have been outbreaks all over the valley this year.

I'm trying to stay calm.  I was staying calm.  Then I looked at the statistics ... eeek, I hope he's not infected.  I am SO glad we decided he should have the pertussis vaccine.  I am watching him like a hawk.  He's not coughing very often, but every time he does I hover over him.  We are to watch for fever and difficulty breathing.  If either, or both, crop up we are to take him to the emergency room.

My counselor says I need to keep on top of my stress when things like this happen.  Kids get sick, it happens, I can't lose my mind every time.  She said stressing out doesn't help anything, and makes B stressed out as well - he gets stress hormones from my milk and picks up on my mood in general.  Lots of deep breathing - and chocolate eating - happening here.

I sent B out with J this morning to work in the yard.  He had a great time, loved hanging out in the Ergo while J worked on filling the raised beds with dirt.  I brought him in for his nap after an hour or so.  He had bits of dirt all the way down to his diaper.

I didn't want him to get cold, so I dressed him in a long sleeve onesie, jams, pants, a sweatshirt and hat.

Look at how much space J is making for growing food!


  1. This is why I vaccinate as well and I don't really care what anyone has to say about that. That's my choice as a mum, and I own it. And great work on the veggie gardens! They are going to look deliciously full in a few months, right when we're in the dead of winter.
    Thinking of you and B until those results come back.

  2. I so hate when my kiddos get sick. And since Noah died, I'm even more paranoid but it is what it is. If it makes you feel any better, all my kids have seemed to have whooping cough at one point or another and they are all vaccinated. (even have had scarlet fever as well but I think these things don't hit them as hard since they are vaxed). Great job on the raised beds! I've had a huge garden for many years and love raising my own food! :)

  3. Sucks about the cough. You guys seem to have had a bad winter this year with the illnesses! By the way...I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW GREEN YOUR GRASS IS IN FEBRUARY! Here in my part of southern Canada we don't have that much snow, but the grass that can be seen is brown and dead. Can't wait for spring!

  4. Thinking of you guys and hoping that Bennett's cough (as well as yours and J's) is not pertussis but just a quick virus he is easily and quickly over! Hooray for chocolate eating and deep breathing - proud of you :)


thank you!


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