Thursday, March 29, 2012

B & Avocado

B seemed to do fine with his first dose of avocado.  He was a bit uncertain, but didn't mind eating.  We decided to do purees for now, though baby led weaning may be in our future.

Then he stopped sleeping.  And I need my sleep.  I am protective of my four hour stretches.  After four consecutive bad nights I didn't give him avocado for a day, just milk.  Guess what?  He slept fine.

We're going to file this under not ready for solids.


  1. SO cute! Even if it's not quite time. Love the video!!!

  2. Super cute video! I am SO glad that we got a video camera because I LOVE all your videos of B :) Can't wait to make videos of Logan!! <3 Even if it isn't time for solids the video is priceless!

  3. He is adorable!! I can't wait to try avocado with my little man!

  4. Hey Angela :) He is SO CUTE. We had the exact same issue with Kal! I quit for a few weeks and then tried again and we still had the same problem. I finally switched his meal time to much earlier in the day (like 11ish) so then he was taking more milk later in the day and sleeping through again. I don't know if that is B's 'issue' ;) but I thought I would comment just in case. Jamie

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  6. I agree with Anonymous. I don't know what time you fed him the avocado (which was so super cute, I am smiling ear to ear jsut thinking about it), but early or late morning is the best time for solids. Solids at this age are just practice, but they do reduce the appetite for milk a little bit. And milk is where the good nutrients are. Also, you should do the solids right after breastfeeding and not soon before it, as it is ok if he doesn't have too much avocado, but not so ok if he doesn't have a great nursing session.

    But if you want to hold off a little, that is fine too.

    - otdina

  7. It can be a slow burn, give it time (though not with my two little porkers who both seemed to chow down anything I waved in front of their face!) Morning is best, and just keep it at a few teaspoons for now, once a day. He'll get there, and you'll all have fun along the way (even more if you're all getting sleep).


thank you!


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