Wednesday, March 28, 2012

baby proofing!

Dear me, I think it's time.  This morning I watched B roll from his back to his stomach, then to his back.  He readjusted, rolled up onto his side, got his knees and bum under him and began using his arms to pull himself forward.

Shoot, that would look a lot like crawling if he pulled his head off the floor, I thought.

Right now he just drops his head to either side, doesn't matter which one, and drags it along like some annoying heavy thing that has to come along but doesn't really help or hinder.

We need to baby proof the house before he's mobile, and I have a feeling it's coming soon.  Though we're three months into teething with nary a tooth popped through so what do I know?

My final year of college I was a nanny for a family with a two year old.  They had everything baby proofed.  When they went out of town I house sat for them and discovered the baby proofing insanity touched every item in that house, including their shower.  It was locked.  Seriously, locked with one of those child proof tab things!  I had to tack five minutes on to every single task because I had to figure out how to get into the drawers and cabinets I needed.

I don't want to be that crazy about it, but we should put up a few baby gates, and block the sockets.

This baby proofing service looks promising, then I wouldn't have to do anything! I've never liked the idea of crawling around on the floor to see what B might discover.  Maybe I should wait, baby proof as we go, let him show me what I need to protect.

I need to rearrange my kitchen too, give B a cupboard he can pull things out of so I'm not telling him no all the time/stopping whatever I'm doing one hundred times to take things away.

Just the thought of it is exhausting.

B has been napping for a few minutes, which means I only have ten or so left and one thousand things to do.  I should go make myself lunch, unless Ritz crackers and a Diet Pepsi count ... ?


  1. Did you actually click thru that site? I just tried to view 4 different companies that "baby proof" and they all went to wrong sites.

    Its not hard to get on the floor to see what babys will be interested in lol. Dvds are great fun and make for annoying clean up, cords.. especially computer cords/buttons are another great fun.

  2. We did mainly doors, outlets, and stairs. Everything else, we just re-directed their attention. I had read that if we completely babyproofed our home, then our children wouldn't know how to stay out of things when at a house where they haven't babyproofed. We really only took care of the stuff that would be harmful to them health wise if they got into it. 4 and 6 years out, there is a HUGE difference between my kids at grandparents' homes than their cousins.
    We also kept a baggie with outlet covers and a few door ties in the diaper bag. That way if we were going somewhere for several hours, we would be able to take care of outlets and cabinets under the sinks. Worked really well!
    Hope this helps some.

  3. Baby proofing...not a lot of fun :)...WIth our daughter we did the outlet plugs, locks on cabinets with chemicals and then we just followed her around for a couple of days to see what she got into and then baby proofed that. She started crawling when she was 6 months and is now 2 1/2 years old and we really haven't had to change much along the way :) So hopefully that works for you!

  4. I wish our apartments carpets weren't so nasty (they were like this when we moved in) because I feel like we can't even be here any more once Logan can crawl! Plus they are such crappy quality that steam cleaning them will do NOTHING. It's very frustrating. I'm sure you will babyproof just fine :)

  5. We didn't go nuts with babyproofing either. I just prefer to use teaching. We did put a gate at the top of the stairs (which stopped working after about two weeks), and some outlet covers on. I locked the kitchen cabinets I thought were really necessary. And yes, like you I kept one open so he could get into it. Constantly putting away my tupperwares has gotten quite irritating though.

    I didn't babyproof the bottom of the stairs because they are not in the common area of the house, and I just didn't feel it was necessary. I did have to fetch him off of them a few times, but after a few weeks of repeating "wait for me there" we actually got to the point where I could go up the stairs and they would sit on the bottom step and wait.

    I find with outlet covers, that they tend to be much more interesting than the outlets, and it was becoming a problem if one of them was removed.

  6. We just take note of everything our niece touches and make a note to babyproof that.

  7. We started baby proofing as soon as Noah started crawling. Basically I went around the house and looked at everything at knee level to see what he could hurt himself on. We put a few things away but tried to leave a lot out. He'll never learn how to go to other people's homes if we remove everything we don't want him to touch. We have gates at the top of both staircases but left the bottoms open. Within a month he went from barely crawling to pulling up and cruising. And now he's lightning fast! Better to start early!

  8. Probably won't be as hard as you thought. We just put locks on the cupboard doors in the kitchen and removed the wine rack. We also took a few sharp handles off the tv unit and coffee table, but most other things we were able to leave as is and just constantly repeat that Angus wasn't to touch!

  9. Oh and we left the plastics cupboard open in the kitchen, until I got totally jack of cleaning up the mess as he emptied it Every. Single. Day. Mean ass mummy I am!!

  10. Crawling – that’s the first sign you need to have your house babyproofed soon. And you begin by getting the floor free of anything they might put in their mouth and choke on. Then you might want to lock those cabinets and drawers properly, keeping plugs out of reach, and so on. I agree that just the thought of it is already exhausting, but it’s still better than your baby getting hurt. I wish all the best!

    Helene Raymond @ Trade Squad


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