Sunday, March 18, 2012

biggest blowout ever

As I was readying Bennett for church this morning I said, "You know, he hasn't pooped since Tuesday.  I bet we're in for it soon."

And yet I was surprised when he pooped in the middle of church two hours later.

My dad was holding him when it happened.  I waited a few minutes and then J said, "He needs changed, it can't wait."

As I was picking him up I noticed that his clothes were a mess.  I carried him gingerly out of the sanctuary and up to the cry room, which was empty thank goodness.

I set him on his change mat and carefully began peeling off his clothes.  There was poop everywhere, out the top and bottom of the diaper, on his stomach, legs, back.  Bennett's instinct is always to put his hands in his diaper region as soon as his diaper comes off.  This new found love of his makes me crazy, I can't change a diaper without his hands involved somehow.  I give him toys, he throws them aside, and reaches for the diaper or himself - sometimes both.

After surveying the situation I pulled Sophie from the diaper bag and distracted him long enough to get the diaper undone.  As I was pulling it from underneath him he reached down, dropped Sophie in the dirty diaper and put his hands in the poop.  Two seconds later we went from poop almost everywhere to poop EVERYWHERE.

I stared at him in disbelief, trying to figure out what to do.  It felt like one of those moments, you know the ones, when an experienced mom would know just what to do, while the first time mom (that would be me) just wrings her hands and watches the poop fly.

After a few moments of mouth wide open disbelief I came to my senses, scooped Bennett up and deposited him in the small sink by the door.  I turned the water on, which made him scream because it was freezing cold and he didn't expect it.

At this point another mom walked in.  She looked at the floor where the poop massacre had gone down, looked at me, looked back at the floor, smiled, "Do you need help?"

I smiled back.  "I know it doesn't seem like it, but I have this under control."

"Okay .." she carried her little girl to the other side of the room.

I rinsed Bennett off as best I could in the small sink, carried him back over to our place on the floor, and cleaned the rest of the poop off with wipes.  That's right, after his sink bath with paper towel washcloths he still had poop smeared all over his sweet self.

Once he was clean I searched through the diaper bag for a blanket to set him down on.  No blanket.  I'd left it in the sanctuary with J.  I pulled out my nursing cover, tossed it on the floor, and set him down.  I put his diaper on and then left him playing happily with his feet while I disinfected Sophie (poor, poor Sophie), his changing mat, and the sink.

Then I dressed him in the one outfit I had in the diaper bag, which was not weather appropiate and didn't really match either, and headed downstairs.  We spent the rest of the service in the lobby.  Bennett slept while I tried to listen to the sermon and worried about whether I had poop on me.  I just felt gross after the whole experience.

After the service we went to lunch with my parents.  Bennett woke up briefly after church and then fell asleep again on the way.

We ate lunch with my parents before coming home.  A few minutes after we arrived home I was standing over the heater in the kitchen warming my feet and chattering away when I looked down and noticed something ...

Bet you can guess what it was. 

My apologies to those I hugged after church.


  1. LOL!!! That is a horrible blow-out. Sorry for laughing . . . I've been there, that's why it's funny. :)

    Nice work handling the "poop massacre" though!

  2. Ha...maybe I should change my shirt now!!! hehehehehe

    Bubs did that once at a restaurant. I was holding him in the sitting position on the table when he tooted (or at least that's what I thought it was!). I heard my mom say "oh my" as she watched the poop ooze up the back of his shirt! Thankfully he was only a couple weeks old so he didn't grab at it but there was barely any in his diaper because of the way he was sitting. oy I'd rather deal with nursing baby poop than a nearly 5 year old's poop any day, though!! ;) ha!

    Thanks again for the gift and letting me kiss him. He was tuckered out after all the work it took to get that poop everywhere! :) xoxoxo

  3. Like Ann says, I'm only laughing because I've been there :D

    It's always such a relief when he does this when DH is home! I can manage on my own... just about... but it's easier when there's one parents to hold hands away (J is a terrible grabber too) and one to deal with the change.

    The worst ones are when you think he's finished and I start to change him only to find out.... no. He still hasn't finished. They're always fun to clean up..... and definitely keep nursing! The poo is worse after they start solids but not as bad as when they've finished nursing entirely, so I've heard at least.....!

  4. Hilarious Angela! Gotta love those poop stories! One time Bailey actually pooped so hard it ricocheted in Gary's mouth!!! I laughed so hard I could hardly stand it! Luckily that was in the middle of the night and we were home. Needless to say, it was a while before Gary wanted to share in the diapering experience. lol! Luckily, that blow out period doesn't last too long. Of course, you still have potty training to look forward to.... ;-)

  5. The end of the post had me laughing! I think we deal with blowouts like that daily...sometimes more than once! Maybe not quite that bad, but out of the diaper. Coen poops 3-4 times per day....ugh! Maybe the only reason I look forward to solids is it will help his poops be less runny!

  6. Kaia has had a few blow outs in her cast. It is AWFUL not to be able to get into every little crevice to clean her up. The fabric lining of the cast always absorbs some and I just can't get it clean. It's been a lot better since we started the puppy piddle pad runner up her back, but a few times she's pooped while she's sitting in the chair Brian made her and it goes shooting UP THE FRONT of the cast! It takes about an hour to clean her after those and I've been lucky that so far they've always happened at home. I feel a little bad admitting that as much as I'm sad for her that she's been a bit constipated while in her cast...I'm secretly a little glad for me as it's meant a lot less poopy diapers.

    Don't worry about those icky moments where you don't know what to do. I remember having a lot of those when I first started as a nurse in the NICU. When the baby I was caring for would poop or puke everywhere and they'd be smearing it around with their feet and it would go all over the isolette and (inevitably) all the clean linen and you'd think "Oh my God, where do I begin??!" You'd literally want to just throw in the towel and walk away, hoping someone else would fix it! Trick is to just get started, and eventually things will be clean again.

  7. Oh yeah. Know that feeling. "WHAT the HECK should I do?????" Good call on the sink. I'd TOTALLY have done that!

    Oh these boys!!! Aren't they fun?!?!!!!

  8. Oh you have to laugh! We've been there. It was in the car and we pulled over in to a McDonalds car park to sort it out. Poo all over the car seat, Angus, both of us, then the back of the car where we attempted to change him. If you don't laugh, you'll cry! Thank goodness just a breast milk poo as well.
    Good of the other mum to offer her help!

  9. Jess HeartforchristMarch 18, 2012 at 10:20 PM

    Oh my this had me laughing - can I tell you I have been through something worse! Hard to imagine I know! I worked as a teachers aide at a special needs school and there was a 5th grade age child who still wore diapers... given his lack of mental capacity of course. Well he had a blowout - we are talking grown child with poop all down his legs into his SOCKS! On top of that he ALSO wanted to put his hands in his poop (and then into his mouth)- oh my that was NOT an okay experience!!! YIKES! I survived but oh my was it awful! Glad that you survived your experience! On a COMPLETELY different note - I took one of your comments advice and blocked out light in Logan's room with tin foil :) It works really well - decided to do it our room too (I CAN'T sleep with any light!) - I figure the neighborhood probably thinks we're crazy but hey the neighbors might be able to get an easy free tan when the light hits the right way LOL ;)

  10. I'm laughing too because I've been there more times that I can count! I love the last pic of B, it's like he's saying "I just pooed all over myself, now leave me ALONE." He's adorable, blowout and all :)

  11. The only thing I would have done differently, as an experienced mom, is say YES when the other mom asked to help! LOL!!


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