Thursday, March 15, 2012

blueberry muffins and eight hours sleep

B finally settled down and slept well last night.  The previous three nights were absolute misery.  Night before last he screamed in my arms for a solid hour.  I eventually put him in his crib and sat in the hall for a few moments to compose myself.  We thought it was his teeth so we gave him Tylenol, but even that didn't help.  Last night he slept all night in his crib, woke to nurse at 10:30, 3:30, and then slept until 8:30.  I really needed the sleep, I'm so glad he had a good night.

The month of homemaking continues.  This morning I popped B in the Ergo and made a batch of blueberry muffins.  It was my first attempt, they turned out pretty well.  I used this recipe.  I've been craving them and planned to buy a mix at the store yesterday, but after looking at the ingredients list I decided to bake from scratch.

So this morning I've had half a bagel and two blueberry muffins.  I think I want B to nurse forever so I can continue eating like this without gaining weight.

When J saw me looking up blueberry muffin recipes on Pinterest he said, "You know, I would eat bran muffins for breakfast ..."  I guess that's next on my list to make.

I've cooked nearly every day this month.  J and I went to a movie at the theater pub one night and had dinner out one other night, but other than that I've cooked every meal.  I think J likes coming home to dinner instead of me in the kitchen searching through cupboards and eventually saying, "Hmm, how about pancakes or grilled cheese?"  I've also tried a few new recipes: chicken parmesan, pulled pork, chicken taquitos.  I can't believe I haven't had a fail yet.  When I checked the calendar last night I sighed with relief to see spaghetti written down. Something easy that I know how to make, wonderful!

After dinner last night B reached for my water glass and tried to drink.  We got down on the floor and I helped him get down the last of the water.  We got soaked in the process, but it was amazing to watch him figure it out.  It was a tall water glass too, not the easiest cup to start out with.  It's so exciting when he learns something new.

After he downed the rest of the water

We've been having a series of Northwest storms.  Wind and rain, power outages, lots of thunder.  It's pouring outside this morning.  I'm going to curl up, have a mug of tea and another muffin, or ten.

B says hello.


  1. I love eating a lot with Allie nursing - granted, at least half the time I am actually hungry. The other half is probably just my usual love and enjoyment of food. :) She's not eating many solids so I keep cranking out the breastmilk! I hope I can adjust to a "normal" amount of food as Allie weans, someday.

  2. Pretty sure I can smell those muffins thru the internets. They smell goooood.

  3. I've got a recipe for raisin bran bars my mom got off the side of a generic box of raisin bran YEARS ago. Want me to send it to you? They taste more like a spice cake with some raisins in it (and slathered with cream cheese icing). ;) J, you're welcome. ;)

  4. Oh my gosh those muffins look so good! Happy water baby, so cute.


thank you!


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