Sunday, March 25, 2012

novice in the garden

I'm embarrassingly bad at gardening.  My only excuse, I was raised as a city girl. Yesterday we began planting our food garden.  I had way too much fun digging in the dirt, dropping in seeds and potatoes.


  1. I couldn't garden if you paid me to - literally I am horrible! My MIL dropped off a window box and some flower seeds and I just looked at my husband and said "your mother doesn't know me at all!!" Someday my husband says when we have a house he wants like an herb or veggie garden and I said - "cool - it's all you" LOL ;)

  2. SO glad you found my blog, because I love your blog! So blessed by your story and your honesty. Your family is beautiful!

    Also, love seeing other people gardening. I need to get my garden boxes cleaned out from last year. Don't tell anyone - haha - but we still have corn stalks from last year in our boxes. We did a horrible job of winterizing them. Oh well. Gardening is always such an encouragement to look forward to warmer days.

  3. So behind on my reading this week! Good luck with your crops!


thank you!


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