Tuesday, March 20, 2012

pinterest success: things we've crafted

You all know I am terrible at crafts and projects.  J, however, rocks projects and DIY and home  improvements.  He can build most anything.  He would argue this point, but when I say I like something and he turns around and constructs the thing - sometimes without plans! - it leaves me impressed.

Here is an example of recent projects we've tackled from Pinterest:

J: laundry basket storage

J actually found this on the site actual because he spends so much time there, but it's been floating around Pinterest.  J dismantled an old set of shelves to make ours. It needs painted, but is otherwise done.  He made this because he was tired of going to the basement to bring the laundry up only to find himself sans basket.

Angela: plastic bag storage

We don't have many plastic bags in the house, but the few floating around make me crazy.  I did this in about five minutes this morning.  Go me.

Next on J's list: ruler growth chart for B's room

This project may be put on hold if he decides to make the benches and picnic tables for the yard.  Spring is here now, which means we'll be able to sit outside and enjoy the weather in four months or so.

Next up on my list ... 

I haven't found anything I can do yet.  But I am having a lot of success with recipes!!

Two new recipes I've served this month:

J liked the honey sesame chicken so much he asked for it to be put on next month's menu, which I've already planned out!!

What has Pinterest inspired you to make lately?

*I ditched the Disqus commenting platform.  I hope commenting on posts is easier now*


  1. Can't think of anything crafty that I have gotten as an idea from Pinterest yet to make BUT I love to find EASY recipes...here are a few. http://pinterest.com/pin/170151692141591019/
    Lovely post! I love PINTEREST :)

  2. You should start a board on pinterest for each month's meals - I know I would follow that for sure!

  3. I created a board with some recipes! Great suggestion!


thank you!


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