Thursday, March 8, 2012

sleep talking and dress finding

B is a sleep talker, yeller, mutterer, whiner, crier.  Goodness it's been crazy around here at night.  Before we go to bed we strain to hear if he is awake or asleep.  Time and again we start to struggle out of the depths of the couch, abandon shows, movies, video games and books only to realize B is making all that noise in his sleep.

He is SO loud.

Last night I woke up from a deep, deep sleep.  I was in the middle of what would be a four hour stretch and I was having a hard time waking up.  I glanced at the clock, two hours since his last feed, but he was whimpering, on the way to a cry.  I dashed downstairs - in a slow, sleepy manner - hoping he wouldn't wake J.  I try to preserve J' sleep as much as possible on the weekdays.  On the weekends I'm head under the covers, you go get him, give me two more hours mama.

I pushed open the door to B's nursery, which cracked as it always does, and peered into his crib.  Sound asleep.  How can a baby make that much noise and stay asleep??  Flat on his back, hands up by his head, gone to the world of dreams and stars.

These night noises have developed recently, like in the past two weeks.  I don't know if it's part of his sleep cycle, or if he's just a noisy sleeper.  Maybe that's how he settles himself down after waking or entering a lighter sleep stage?  He's so loud, and I'm hearing it over the monitor, which is halfway across the bedroom.

When he's right up in your ear it's downright deafening.  He likes to sleep with his head under mine when he is in our bed.  He pushes and pulls himself until he's next to me then burrows down until his head is under mine.  The other night I woke up to a whole lot of babbling and sighing.  It was him, mouth against my cheek, talking away.

B is growing and changing so much.  Six months tomorrow, can't bear the thought of it.

On a completely unrelated topic ... I am taking a risk sharing this, but I just have to.  It's too fabulous and secret keeping is not my thing. (J if you are reading STOP. You say you rarely do, I'm believing you).

I found the most amazing dress for that weekend in April (you know the one) while shopping with my mom today.  We went to our local Fred Meyer for groceries, but I wanted to look at the dresses.  It's like some part of me knew the perfect one was there even though I never buy clothes at Fred Meyer.

It was on clearance too!  And I needed a smaller size than I expected!  It's super short, I need tights for decency and comfort, but it's comfortable, it fits, IT HAS POCKETS! and for the first time ever I am excited and in love with a dress.  Wait, I take that back.  I loved my wedding dress.

Here's a blurry dressing room phone picture for ya:

Amazing, yes?  I will probably wear a nice cardigan, I just don't show that much skin ever, and like I said above, super short, needs tights, but it's cute, right?  I think I did a fabulous job with this one.  If you tell me otherwise it will break my heart.  I may even break out that sparkly headband ...


  1. Gorgeous!
    So glad J is a quiet sleeper :)

  2. I love the dress! You look amazing!!! (you dont need a cardigan or tights)

  3. Wear cardi/ tights if you feel more comfy, but you don't need them - you have a beautiful figure x

  4. You look amazing in that dress, and I concur with the others that you don't need to cover it up. But if it would make you more comfortable, go for it. I did want to throw out the suggestion of a wrap or stole instead of a cardigan.

    Also, what do you think about a video monitor? Especially since it seems like you and B aren't on the same floor. I have one that I use for DS. I don't really ever put the volume on. But the really nice thing is that I can see if he is sleeping or awake, so I know if I should bother to get up. I can even see if his eyes are open or not (very strange at night, bec they glow in the night vision - spookie). That way, when he sort of cries one or two cries at night, I can peek in on him. If he is moving/standing/sitting, I know he is awake, and I need to go to him, if his tushy is in the air, and I don't see movement, then I can rest assured it was just a sleep cry.

  5. You are beautiful. No cardigan needed. :) Sparkly scarf or wrap like the others have mentioned sounds fun! But cardigan if you feel more comfortable. Gorgeous!

  6. Bust out the sparkles momma! ;) :D

  7. Best piece of unsolicited advice you will ever get - turn off the monitor! You'll hear him if he wakes up and starts to really cry. J can wear earplugs, yes?

    Fabulous dress!

  8. You look hot mama! Hot and happy, I might add.

  9. I agree with everyone else that you definitely don't need tights or a cardigan. I know the feeling of a dress "feeling" too short...but I promise you, you're pulling it off. You don't know me, but I don't lie about these things :) Have fun!

  10. LOVE that dress! You look fantastic!

    Noisy baby sleepers actually comfort me, I'm so scared of something happening to my baby during the night that if he doesn't make a sound for a while I freak out and have to check on him anyway. Of course he's quite a bit older than B so It's different.

    Baby noises are just so precious.

  11. Wow! What a dress! (and what a smile to go with it!)

  12. My baby was (and still is) a noisy sleeper too. Love your dress!! And I also think it's fabulous and tasteful all on its own. I hope the weekend is fabulous!


thank you!


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