Friday, March 23, 2012

some things I love

This article from author Kristin Cashore on the Hunger Games trilogy.  The movie is out! and if anyone spoils any bit if it before I see it on the 29th I will cry.  Are you going to see it?

Mikarose clothing line.  I cannot believe I just discovered this line.  I LOVE it! Their tag line is reinventing modesty and the clothes are fabulous.  I do believe I need the Riley.

Spending time with a friend who introduced me to new music.  I love this song.

I nursed in public without a cover yesterday!  I'll probably never do it again, it's not a comfortable thing for me, but I can say I tried it.

Bennett falling asleep in my arms after a tough morning.  I'm actually typing this one handed ... I'm on day five of a nasty headache and it's making me one grumpy mama.  I just feel like I'm failing him lately, like I'm not being the best mama I can be.  Ever had moments like that?

And -

I have a post up on Among the Circle today.

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  1. Yes - going to see the Hunger Games (eventually). My dh and I have had one date night so far since Allie was born, and this outing will be our second one! But we'll wait until the crowds die down a bit so we can get good seats in the theater. :) Hope you enjoy it!


thank you!


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