Friday, March 30, 2012

* wish list *

A simple list 'cause that mega million jackpot every last person on twitter and facbook is jabbering about won't be ours.

to be headache free

a good northwest brewed wheat beer

expensive chocolate


a lake

a chair 

a good book.

B has excellent taste in literature, but I like a bit more substance.

What's your simple list?


  1. Here's my very simple list: a baby.

    Cute pic of B with the books. Love it!

  2. A day with nothing on my schedule... no cleaning, no work, no nothing. Just my pajamas, a blanket, some coffee, and a good book.

  3. My simple list: Logan to be born safe and sound (hopefully a bit early) and to survive on one salary for awhile!

  4. Someone to do my washing! Washing, drying, folding and putting away! So over it!


thank you!


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