Sunday, March 11, 2012

the wonders of hemp salve!

So it appears - and I really hope I'm not jinxing anything - that hemp salve from The Fay Farm is the solution we've been looking for.  

Our midwife brought us some from Seattle, (she goes on a vacation with her family and thinks of us while gone, so sweet!) we've been using it since Wednesday night and B's skin looks great.  Not entirely clear, but much better than it has in a while. And the drool rash is clearing up!  I was beginning to think the red on his neck wouldn't go away until he was three, or five, but it's nearly gone!!

It's not just the hemp salve, though, oh no, it's much more than that.  I've cut out nuts and eggs.  I only eat eggs baked in things - french toast, pancakes, brownies, never plain (expect when I was pregnant with B, then I ate so many scrambled eggs I never want them ever again), but I cut them out anyway, and reduced my dairy consumption (so hard!).  B is on probiotics and homeopathics while I am taking tons of fish oil and hydrating, hydrating, hydrating.  Throw in warm baths every night and CeraVe lotion twice daily and that's our treatment plan.

I think I'm having such a hard time with this rash for two reasons.

1. My beautiful baby has a rash.  I don't like his sweet face and body covered in scaly red patches.  I want him to be cute, not rashy.

2. I feel guilty.  Mamas can always find a reason it's their fault, yes?  I think, and so does the naturopath, that he has eczema because he was given strong antibiotics in his first week of life.  How is that my fault?  I had Pitocin during labor, which gave him jaundice, (don't believe me? look it up) which made him slow to feed, which sent him to the NICU (well that and an odd breathing spell or two) where he was given antibiotics for a possible infection that never was.  I am so mad at myself for resorting to Pitocin, but I couldn't sustain the contractions, and I didn't want to labor any longer, so I said yes, I'll take it. And I was given a small dose, but a dose all the same, and I regret that decision now.  Someday I'll come to terms with his birth, and give myself a bit of grace.  I'm just not there yet.


  1. While I completely agree with NOT giving antibiotics for things that you don't need them for (any and all viruses!), as a former NICU nurse I've seen babies get SO SICK from infections. Honestly, a few days of 'needless' antibiotics is WAY WAY WAY better than the alternative. I'm all for 'crunchy' but if someone was to put 'crunchiness' above their kids health when antibiotics are very safe and effective then I would have a problem with that. A tiny infection can turn a perfectly healthy normal baby into a *gulp* dead one.

    You did the right thing at the time Angela. Never doubt that. My mom had a completely natural birth with my brother, he went home from the hospital a day later and didn't have antibiotics and he suffered from rashes, eczema and eventual food allergies as a baby. Some kids are just more prone to these things than others. It might have something to do with the environment, or it might be genetics and it's probably a combination of both. You're doing a great job and it speaks to how wonderful you are by trying everything to help him be comfortable and rash free. Plus B looks great and is cute as a button, even if he is a bit scaly at times.

  2. Whoa down there, mama! First, how do you know that the antibiotics are causing the rash? A whole-body rash like that is more often food allergy related, from what I've seen. Are you sure you're not blaming the antibiotics because you feel particularly bad about him having had antibiotics? Second, why do you think the pitocin gave him jaundice? Jaundice can be caused by a large variety of things and that alone won't get a baby sent to the NICU unless it's pathological jaundice, which is blood-type or liver-function related, not pitocin-related (yes, mine was in the NICU for a week for pathological jaundice - and I did not have pitocin). Third, if your NICU baby looks like they might have an infection, you treat it. End of story. Sounds like you're kind of looking for a way to punish yourself for not having the birth experience you wanted? Go easy on yourself! You made the best decisions you could have at the time, with the information you had. That's all any of us can do. Last summer my sister was guilt-ridden because her newborn baby had a stork bite birthmark, and she thought it was because she couldn't push him out and needed a c-section. Well, birth marks develop in utero, not as a consequence of how a baby is born ... but she felt guilty about the c-section and somehow found a way to blame herself for it. I think you're doing the same!

  3. Don't beat yourself up. Just about every fair-skinned baby I know has eczema. My kid included - he was born naturally after a 4 hour labor with no meds, was exclusively breastfed, didn't start solids until after 6 months and didn't have any antibiotics until he was 14 months old. :) We also had some nasty cradle cap to boot. Yuck!

  4. I too was given Pitocen and none of the things that you said about it occurred with my daughter.
    In my opinion, I dont think you have given modern medicine a fair shake.

  5. Bennett is one of the cutest babies I know rash/eczema and all. And he has an amazing, caring, loving and normal(worries and all) momma!
    Your doing great by him sweet friend :)

  6. I fight patches of Eczema on a daily basis with Eli. Now that he's older he can scratch at them and irritate them, it's a never ending battle. B and Eli are beautiful regardless, it's just so hard to see our babies uncomfortable.

  7. Hun, dont beat yourself up. I never had pitocin during Caleb's birth and he has ezecma and now asthma. Caleb and Courtney were watched carefully for jaundice because they have a different blood type then me and all 3 of mine were not good eaters until we got home. There was a time where i thought it was my fault Caleb had allergies but learned that you can find anything to support the opinion youre looking for. Be gentle on yourself, its ok you had pitocin. You are a wonderful mom.

  8. You might have to send some of that this way for our drool rash! And like others have said, you're doing a great job. I get the birth regrets. Man I couldn't even hold out to have natural births, so I'm still beating myself up for that. I'll never know what it feels like to push out a live baby, and I have to come to terms with that. Don't be too hard on yourself. You did the very best you could at the time. And I guess I did too. I just have to keep telling myself that.


thank you!


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