Thursday, July 19, 2012

boot money

J has been asking what I want for my birthday.  In 16 days I'll be 29 and I haven't been able to come up with a thing I want.

Until this morning when I thought of boots.

Guys, I have wanted boots for forever.  Every girl has a pair of boots in her closet right?  It's an essential item and I've never found a pair I love enough to buy.  And I've never felt ready for boots, but with all my dress wearing this summer I think I'm ready.  Boots seem so simple but I am a really, really boring dresser.  Let me put it in context for you: I have ONE pair of heels, okay, and they're black.

I've been talking about buying boots for years.  When J receives my "I want boot money for my birthday email" he is going to smack his head repeatedly on the long desk in his office.

So why am I bothering to write all this out?

Because I need help.  I want to buy the perfect pair of boots that will last a long time and go with everything I own.  Including the pair of skinny jeans I am SO buying this fall.  And I am blessed with a little boy who won't let me shop for five hours straight as I hunt down the perfect boots.

I'm thinking brown, not black.  Tall, definitely tall.  None of this ankle business.

I kinda like these:

What say you?

Side thought: I hope I'm not giving you guys whiplash with this blog.  One day I'm writing about Bennett, the next Charlotte, the next both of them, followed by a recipe, followed by a house project followed by complete fluffiness (see: what I wrote today).


  1. I love the boots, but don't forget to also look for something that are comfortable on your feet! It's hard to tell that from a picture.

    My boots are black leather, tall (cover the knee), and sleek. They go with jeans or slacks and keep my legs warm under a dress in winter. You're right; every woman needs a pair of boots!

  2. I love them! I have been on the search for the perfect pair of boots too. I love the slouch look on boots. (like these- Im so short I need some kind of heel. I could shop all day for boots!

  3. love them! I guarantee I am a far more boring dresser then you LOL - certainly try whichever ones you on though - for me anyways comfort is key!

  4. love them! I guarantee I am a far more boring dresser then you LOL - certainly try whichever ones you on though - for me anyways comfort is key!

  5. I may have a slight boot addiction. I believe boots are the perfect accessory (though I do live in Canada. It snows here a lot.) I love a brown knee boot as your introduction to boots, versatile and easy to wear. I would recommend (if you do not protest for personal reasons) getting a leather boot. The more you wear them the better they look. They last a long time and are fairly indestructible.

    Hope that helps! Looking forward to seeing the pair you get! :)

  6. I'm a Born shoe fan. I've owned at least 10 pairs of their shoes and they're so comfortable.

    I own these and definitely thought long and hard and saved and saved for them because I wanted to make the investment matter. I bought them last year because after losing Andrew, I needed to find something to make me happy and retail therapy with a tiny bit helpful.

    I'm like you, though. Must be tall & comfy. I also required they be brown, somewhat casual looking while still classy enough to wear to dinner, have a broken-in feel, little to no heel at all because I'd fall over (and also, that negates the comfortable requirement).

    Good luck. Looking forward to seeing your choice. Also, they were my 29th b-day present. :)

  7. I love the whiplash experience of your blog, love it!

    Great boots. We lived in a hot climate for a long time where anything more than sandals was too much. Now we live in a cooler place I have indulged in a few pairs of lovely leather boots. You might like groundhog brand (I have bottle green ones) or Dr Martens I have a red pair and a brown pair. It would seem I am a little boot greedy.

  8. I love the whiplash!
    And I love these boots!
    I finally got a pair for myself just like this, this year. I have worn them nearly every day this winter. Under skirts, over jeans - all the time. Love them. Get them I say!

  9. I prefer Frye brand boots. They're classic, timeless, not as restrictive as cowboy boots but classic and durable. Well worth the price


thank you!


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