Friday, July 20, 2012

boots part two

This morning I went to Nordstrom's because they were having their anniversary sale.  I fell in love with a pair of boots.

Deep, mad love.

I told the sales clerk I was looking for a tall flat soled boot in brown.  Then I picked a mid calf boot with a bit of a heel.

They were marked down to $147.00 from $225.00 so I bought them.  Then I came home and stared at these boots online (mentioned by b. wilson, thank you!).

I wanted to try them on in store but they didn't have them because they are "last season and not even floating around the stock room anymore."

Same company.

But the ones online are flat, which is what I originally wanted.

But I LOVE the ones I bought today.

I want them both, which would give J a coronary (um, I may have bought a pair of skinny jeans today too).

Which would you choose?


  1. I suggest keeping the ones you have, because you know you love them, and next year you can tell J you want another pair of boots for your birthday again and find a flat pair.

  2. If you love them, stop looking and keep them. You'll always compare future pairs to them. If I was picking a pair for myself, though, I would at least try on the flat pair. Now that I'm a momma, heels aren't my friend anymore. Harder for me to pick up the kids and be graceful in public and they aren't as comfortable. You could order them and return one pair. Pray about it...God cares! ;)

  3. I like the heel ones BUT saying that I am five foot so like a heel to make me fit in !

    You have to be comfy BUT those heels are sensible not stiletto so I don't think they will be too uncomfy to walk / run about in !

    I would keep the ones you have ... does that help at all ?

  4. I really love the second pair.

    The first pair are really lovely too though xo

  5. Once upon a time, the heel (that time being pre small children) now, the flats. My pair are just like the flat ones you have shown here (I have snapped them in my IG feed). But that said, I love the ones you got. Not much of a heel and what a bargain!

  6. You love the ones you have so keep those :) not being able to try them on is a big deal! yeaaaa for a great deal on boots :) we need a pic of you IN them :)

  7. i like both boots but i like the second one better. I never buy anything full price and the first place I comb is ebay for a good deal.


thank you!


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