Monday, July 2, 2012

first swim!

My sister is living in an apartment with her family right now as their gorgeous home is being constructed.  Lucky for us, the apartment has a pool.  It was a steaming 68 degrees, so we just had to get in.  I've been wanting to get B in the water for a long time.  He loved it.

But first.  I LOVE this outfit.  My neighbor let me borrow the pants a while ago.  I bought the shirt and shoes yesterday.

I had to give him a packet of wipes so he would let me take his picture.

Swimming!  Finally.

I only have a maternity suit.  My sister has a non-maternity suit.  We swapped.  It was perfect.  Sisters rock.

My hair cannot handle the Northwest humidity.


My sister was squirting water at Bennett so he would look at me.  Got him in the face!

Mama forgot my bib so I had to wear my cousin's.


  1. Sisters and cousins indeed rock!
    Jealous of your heat.

  2. Looks like a perfect day, Angela!
    I love the little blue shoes, are those Robbies?


thank you!


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