Sunday, July 15, 2012

home sweet home

We were only gone Thursday afternoon to Saturday night, but I am so glad to be home!  B and I don't travel well.  I was all, "I can't check my e-mail, instagram, twitter, facebook on my phone, wha??" and B was all, "I have to be in the car how long, wha??"

Yeah, it was like that.  We figured out that B cried something like four hours all together in the car.  I stress ate a lot of M&M's.

We spent the weekend at J's parents second home, which will soon be their first home.  We are going to miss having them close by, but it is fun to visit them at the beach.  And not only do they live in a beach community, their house is on a canal.

It's so strange - to me - to have a series of canals in the middle of a beach community in the back of beyond (We go way off the beaten path to get there. It's roughly a 5 hour drive for us. I think we could make it in 4 if we didn't have to stop).

Overcast. A warm beach day is unusual in the Northwest.

B tries the guitar. 

Driving on the beach is legal so you drive out, park, and then walk until you get tired.

There was wildlife all over the place

We made homemade ice cream

took ourselves to see Brave while the in-laws babysat

played mini golf 

J receives advice from his caddy

and took B for his first canoe ride

We had a lot of fun, and there was something in the sea air that made B nap better than he ever has.

How was your weekend?


  1. I had a lovely weekend - glad you had fun I can understand not enjoying the travel aspect - my friends just took their 8 month old on a missions trip to NYC with church - YIKES I can't even imagine!!!

  2. Love the pictures!! It looks like ya'll had a great trip!

  3. Love the pics of B mini golfing, so cute.

  4. Cute pics! I was wondering- you said traveling stressed you out(causing you to eat the m and m's-totally can relate!). Do you feel like it is harder to travel after losing Charlotte? More travel anxiety? Just wondering b/c I have been experiencing that lately and didn't know if it was related to grief or if others experienced it as well.... Glad you had a good weekend!

  5. Ok, isn't it summer there? You're going to have to explain all the clothes to me! Must be cooler in your part of the world during the summer months. Still, super cute.


thank you!


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