Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's 4 pm.  Bennett has just gone down for a nap.  We were gone all day at my sister's surprise baby shower (her sweet girl will be here in just over a month!!) and he didn't get a morning or afternoon nap.  He'll be up late tonight, but it's so hot that may be a good thing.

Bennett's response to the heat has been to throw up.  Copiously.  He keeps food and water down fine, but his milk often comes back up.  And not just a little spit up.  All of it.  Usually all over me.

I've been keeping him in a diaper only most of the time as well as putting him in cool baths throughout the day.

He just does not sweat, which means he overheats and throws up.  It's awful, but he is his usual cheerful self so I don't think it bothers him.  I am on dehydration watch because I'm scared he is going to lose too many fluids and get really, really sick.

Last night I went to a support group that is just getting off the ground here.  It's so nice to talk with people who understand.  If you are in the Willamette Valley you should come.  The group meets the second Tuesday of every month in Salem.

The meeting went really well, but it took me a long time to fall asleep after.  My brain was clicking along at a thousand miles a minute, and as soon as I got home I ate a huge bowl of ice cream which hyped me up even more.

This morning I was up early and off to my mom's for my sister's surprise baby shower.  I can't believe we pulled a party together in four days.  It was just sisters, but when you add in little ones it was a lot of people.  This baby makes grandchild number nine for my mom.  Can you believe it?

Tomorrow we leave for a long weekend with J's parents.  I have never - EVER - been so unprepared for a trip before.  I don't even have a list of what I need to bring.  And where we're going is a small little town with few stores, so forgetting something would not be ideal.

I was going to pack a few things yesterday, but ended up watching my neighbor's kids instead.  It was so fun to have three boys running around the house like little wild men.  I love how Bennett interacts with these boys.

He's known them since he was a few weeks old; they are like brothers to him.  I love to watch him push his way in when they are gathered around a toy.  He is small, but scrappy.  Our main rooms form a circle so I let them dash around the house while I prepared dinner and a meal for the shower.  Bennett is, essentially, an only child.  I'm glad he has a huge pack of cousins, and a couple sweet boys to run around with.  I hope he has living siblings some day.

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  1. It does look hot there, but I'd still trade it for the endless days of rain and chilly temps here!
    I hope B gets through it all ok.


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