Sunday, July 8, 2012

river baby

Welp, it's hot here.

After a fun morning of homemade crepes with fresh berries and a couple projectile vomits (from Bennett) we met up with friends for a dip in the river.

The original plan was to swim our dogs, but I was worried about Bennett's puking, he does not do well in the heat, so decided a long sit in the Willamette would be good for him too.  The Willamette is not the cleanest river.  It's a little better down here away from Portland, but I wouldn't put my face in it.  It's perfect for dog swimming and toe dipping, though!

We have a little spot we go to at a local park.  It's a bit of a wander down to the river - I bet it's close to a mile all told - but once you reach the water it's lovely.  I walked it a few days before having Charlotte.  I have no idea how.  Maybe I was in better shape then.  I attempted it once during Bennett's pregnancy, but it was too much for me.  We rarely have to share the space with anyone else, which is nice too.  Today we encountered a deer and three people while out walking, but had the river to ourselves.

Bennett will not tolerate his sun hat if we leave the brim down, so he sports the pilgrim baby look.  Having kids is all about compromise, right?


  1. pilgrim baby hehe :) looks like it was a lovely time!

  2. Counting down the six months until I can get my babies back in the river! Boo winter!


thank you!


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