Friday, July 6, 2012

this baby!

slept in his crib all night on the fourth.  Bennett was like, "Oh, mom, you're not enjoying this?  Why didn't you say so?"  I wrapped him in one of my knee length cardigans and he slept.  All night.  Even with fireworks booming overhead.  He slept.  In his crib.  With only two feeds.

And then last night he stuck to the two feeds routine as well, but didn't want to stay in his crib after 3, so I brought him in with us.  But 3 am is so much better than 10 pm.  I just don't sleep as well with him in our bed.

I think he was going through a two month long growth spurt - is that even possible?  I think he needed to be close to his food source while he was packing on some pounds.  Sweet boy is solid now, he even has a couple fat rolls on his thighs.  Solids + mama milk is working wonders.

Two good nights, hopefully more to come.  Bennett decided he was ready to go back in his crib, and despite my wishing and hoping and pushing it wasn't going to happen before he was ready.  Lesson learned.  Maybe.

Those two curls ... too much cuteness


  1. So glad sleep is looking up!

  2. I envy all of those books on the wall in that last photo.

    So proud of him for sleeping in the crib!


thank you!


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