Friday, August 3, 2012

29 tomorrow

but I've already received the best present.

My sister's third baby, sweet Ali, was born this afternoon.  She's a little earlier than expected at 35.5 weeks.  She is in the NICU, but doing well.

And then there's my boots:

Man, I am not a fashion blogger.  Most of the time they stand with their legs crossed like they have to pee - have you noticed?  Maybe it's slimming?

Way too hot to wear them right now.  We broke 90 today.  First time this summer, I think.  Tomorrow is expected to be 101.  Mercy.

Despite the heat this has already been a great birthday.  Full of sweetness and unexpectedness.

Now I just need some (egg free) cupcakes.  I always try to eat my weight in cupcakes on my birthday.


  1. Happy birthday! So young still. The boots look fab. I hope you have a magical day.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love the boots :)

  3. happy birthday! So happy for the wonderful news about your sister and niece!

  4. happy birthday! you're exactly 9 days older than me!


thank you!


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