Monday, August 27, 2012

all is well

We went to church yesterday. We were able to sit through the entire service for the first time in a while. We received permission to move Bennett up to the one year old class which he liked a lot more than nursery. I think he was bored in the nursery.

Our lead pastor led worship while our youth pastor delivered the sermon, which is not how Sunday morning is usually set up. Before we sang this song

our lead pastor spoke a bit and referenced this song

He mentioned the author Horatio Spafford's personal grief a bit. It intrigued me so I looked up the story this morning. Oh, goodness.

In 1871 his four year old son died.

In 1873 he sent his family ahead of him to Europe because he had business to attend to. The ship sank and all four of his daughters died. His wife sent him a two word telegram: "Saved alone."

He wrote "It Is Well With My Soul" after passing the area where his daughters died as he traveled to Europe to be reunited with his wife.

The Spaffords had three more children. One died in infancy.

And after all that he was still able to profess faith and trust in God and His plans. I miss Charlotte so much and I don't understand why I can't have her here with me. If sheer wanting was enough to make a person breathe she would exist. I would be able to will her back to life.

I don't understand. I never will. And some days it is harder to feel all is well and right and working out as it should.

*biographical information on Spafford from Wikipedia


  1. LOVE The "All is Well" song. Thais for sharing!

  2. Yes....a profound story. I remember the day the Pastor spoke of this in church. Being well with my soul is still a work in progress.

    Brenton Brown has a nice remix of the song. I can't figure out how link utube but just search the artist and "It is well"

  3. He also went crazy late in his life.

  4. Love that song!! It soothes me. Thank you for sharing about the writer.

  5. I guess it makes sense why he went crazy. I am having a spiritual downspiral right now, not understanding things, still keeping my faith. but after certain things that have happened in the past year it makes it harder to trust people, to trust God.


thank you!


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