Monday, August 20, 2012

but what will we eat?

We are up to our ears in Hawaii plans here. I'm really excited about going, especially since I get to do amazing things like a nearly three hour long zipline tour (!!).

I am going to be terrified, but it's something I've always wanted to do. I am avoiding the OPEN DOOR helicopter tour. There is no way I would make it through without losing my breakfast, and sanity.

While everyone else has been planning where we will stay and what we will do I've been thinking about food. I'm such a nerd, I made a food itinerary. I like food and I need it on a very regular basis or else no one will want to be friends with me. While looking at popular breakfast spots near our condo I even considered weaning Bennett before the trip so I can eat well renowned pancakes.

Have you been to Maui? (We are staying in Lahaina.) Do you have any restaurant recommendations? Family restaurants mostly, though J and I are going to sneak away for a date night if we can. I am going to seek out local farmer's markets, and we are going to stop at Costco on our way to the condo after we land. Any other ideas? Food or otherwise?

I am really going along for the ride on this one. When we met to talk about plans on Saturday I was like, "the condo looks great! we have rental cars all lined up? great! our flight is when? great! we're going where what day? great!" There is something to be said about along for the ride tourism, though I did select the zipline tour because zipping through the trees on a line in a harness has always seemed like it would be fun. 

We are so blessed to have this opportunity to go to Hawaii. So.blessed. I can't believe it. This is something we've always wanted to do (and were planning on doing for our 10 year anniversary). I am so grateful to J for his hard work and dedication to his job so we can do things like this. And I am grateful to his family for all the work they are doing to make this trip not only possible but full of adventure and relaxation.


  1. Sansei (there are two on the island) is the BEST if you are into sushi. Their blue crab mango roll and calamari salad are ridiculously amazing! So jealous!

  2. Fancy - you don't have to dress too fancy anywhere you go in maui. Just more expensive
    Merriman's - I had my wedding there. Obviously a favorite
    Lahaina Grill - best place in Maui but no view
    David Paul's
    Mala - fantastic!

    Honu - owned by the same people that have Mala, less fancy, more family
    Kimo's/Hula Grill/Dukes/Leilani's - all owned by the same people, all slightly different but good.
    Cheeseburger in Paradise
    Aloha Lunch Plate- yummy outdoor setting for lunch.


thank you!


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